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Rising Demand for PlantBased Butter Sends a Warning to ANZ Dairy Companies

Attention New Zealand and Australia - In a breakthrough for the plant-based industry, Dutch company Be Better My Friend has launched a fully plantbased butter alternative taking the consumer and foodservice market by storm. It seems 'Be Better My Friend' has nailed this plant-based butter on taste, easy usability, and positive impact on the environment.

Bet Better My Friend Butter pack

Source: Be Better My Friend

Be Better My Friend recognises the future lies in plant-based alternatives, but only if they are truly 'on-point' and convenient. Their plant-based butter alternative seamlessly substitutes in the same ways as 'old world' cow butter, resulting in a more pure and fresh taste in pastries.

With Be Better plant-based butter, pastry chefs and home bakers alike are effortlessly create high-quality pastries, not only better for the planet but also for their budgets and palates.

This innovative product boasts several impressive advantages over its dairy-based counterpart. It significantly reduces water consumption by 86-97%, leaving a smaller carbon footprint that is 79% smaller. Furthermore, it causes zero harm to animals and the rainforest, making it an environmentally responsible choice. It is 100% derived from plants, with no artificial colouring or flavouring, and is free from allergens and GMOs.

Source: Be Better My Friend

To ensure its success, Be Better My Friend is collaborating closely with pastry chefs across Europe. A number are meticulously testing the plant-based butter in a wide range of pastry recipes, from cookies to cakes, brioche to butter creams. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with chefs highlighting its similar melting point behaviour to cow butter, its pure taste, and its fresh and rich mouthfeel. Pastry chefs also appreciate that Be Better plant-based butter is clean-label, composed of 80% plant fat without hydrogenated fats or palm oil.

One of the standout features of Be Better My Friend's plant-based butter alternative is its neutral flavour. Unlike other alternatives that mask the natural flavours of ingredients, Be Better plant-butter allows the true essence of fruits, chocolate, and spices to shine through. Pastry chefs have embraced this aspect, enabling them to create pure and honest pastries that are 100% natural and completely devoid of cow-derived ingredients.

Be Better My Friend pastry montage

Source: Be Better My Friend

The food service industry has welcomed this game-changing product with open arms. According to Be Better My Friend's website, pastry chefs rave about its ability to match and even surpass the performance of dairy-based butter, resulting in crunchier pastries and exquisite flavours. Moreover, the company's website stands out as a valuable resource, offering educational content and testimonials from some of Europe's best pastry chefs.

In the wake of the remarkable success of Be Better My Friend's fully plant-based butter alternative, traditional butter producers in Australia and New Zealand, such as Western Star and Anchor, are now on notice due to rising demand for plant-based butter.

he innovative breakthrough by the Dutch Non-dairy company has demonstrated and proven, there is a strong demand for sustainable and flavourful alternatives to dairy-based products. The rise of plant-based alternatives further signals a shift in consumer preferences, and it is crucial for traditional butter producers to adapt and innovate in order to meet the changing demands of the market.

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