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From Brews to Breakthrough - Kiwi Hop-Based Weight Loss Solution Hits U.S.

Midst a 'blow-out' health crisis in the United States, where an estimated 12% of population are using weight-loss injectables like Ozempic, the demand for effective and safer alternatives is growing. The 100% Kiwi innovation, Calocurb, featuring the hop-based natural ingredient Amarasate, is responding to the call for safer alternatives and the company says its doubling sales every 3-months.

Carocurb pack shot

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US based, Dr. Ben González, MD, a leading figure in metabolic and obesity medicine, is endorsing Amarasate, a naturally occurring bitter extract developed from New Zealand hops grown Motueka. His support came during a recent Clinical Weight Management Certification Programme at the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, where he highlighted Amarasate’s significant potential in managing weight alongside popular injectables like Ozempic.

"With the obesity rate among US adults now at 42% - up by 11.4% over two decades - I’ve been a proponent of disease prevention for years," Dr. González says. "Amarasate’s ability to naturally stimulate GLP-1 - a class of drug which stimulates weight loss by regulating blood sugar and appetite, offers a promising path to alter these troubling statistics."

Calocurb's CEO, Sarah Kennedy, says there's growing interest from the medical community, following her return from the US medical conference circuit. “Calocurb is proving to be an effective, non-prescription alternative supporting long-term weight management,” She revealed the company has had to switch to pre-orders to manage the ballooning demand.

Source: Calocurb

Unlike synthetic GLP-1 products requiring injections

and medical prescriptions, Calocurb is administered orally and has shown to be both safer and more affordable. These attributes enhance its appeal as a viable solution in combating obesity.

The GLP-1 industry is expected to be worth over US $100 billion by 2030, according to projections by JP Morgan, sparking significant global investment interest.

“Amarasate, derived from a unique variety of hops grown in Motueka, foundational to Calocurb, is a home-grown success story,” says Sarah Kennedy, pointing to New Zealand's role in fostering a sustainable export economy through dynamic innovation.

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