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Kiwifruit A Natural Mood Booster, Finds University of Otago Study

In a revealing study from New Zealand's University of Otago, researchers have discovered consuming kiwifruit can significantly enhance mood and vitality, and the effects can be felt in as little as four days.

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This research, published in The British Journal of Nutrition, highlights the potential of the furry fruit as a natural remedy for boosting mental well-being.

The study involved 155 adults with low vitamin C levels, who were subjected to an 8-week dietary intervention. Participants were divided into groups taking either a vitamin C supplement, a placebo, or two kiwifruits daily. Their vitality, mood, flourishing, sleep quality, sleep quantity, and physical activity were then monitored via smartphone surveys.

Remarkably, the findings revealed kiwifruit supplementation not only improved vitality and mood within four days but also enhanced the overall sense of flourishing from day 14 onwards.

While vitamin C supplements did show marginal mood improvements until day 12, the study underscores the benefits of consuming whole foods like kiwifruit.

Professor Tamlin Conner, the co-author of the study, emphasised the significance of this research in understanding the impact of diet on mental health.

“It's great for people to know that small changes in their diet, like adding kiwifruit, could make a difference in how they feel every day,” said Tamlon Conner.

Source: PFN Mood affecting kiwifruit using smartphone to record responses.

Lead author Dr. Ben Fletcher noted the study helps in understanding the day-to-day nuances of dietary impacts on mental health.

“Our participants had relatively good mental health to begin with so had little room for improvement, but still reported the benefits of kiwifruit or vitamin C interventions,” says Dr Fletcher.

The research not only offers insights into the mood-enhancing properties of kiwifruit but also introduces innovative methodologies in nutritional research, such as the use of intensive smartphone surveys for real-time mood tracking.

This study paves the way for an holistic approach to nutrition and well-being, emphasising the role of nutrient-rich foods like kiwifruit.

It seems the adage "A kiwifruit a day can keep a bad mood away" might have more truth to it than we thought.

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