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Will Moves Toward Regenerative Organic Certification Take Center Stage at Natural Products ExpoWest?

This is a question many will hear in coming years as retailers push towards 'post organic consciousness' with demands for Regenerative Organic Certification or ROC.

During a recent social discussion sponsored by Natural Products ExpoWest, Californian based, Jimbos’ Director of Grocery, Jason Murrell, shed light on the shifting paradigms within the US retail and agricultural sectors.

With an emphasis on Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC), Jason Murrell also pinpointed the essential need for maintaining the highest ingredient standards, a demand echoing across all demographics. "Across the board demographics – all age groups are demanding transparency and honesty when it comes to ingredients," says Jason Murrell, highlighting the growing universal appeal for greater accountability in food production.

The Regenerative Organic Certification, is like Organic 2.0 and represents an holistic approach to agriculture amalgamating soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness into a single, rigorous standard.

Image illustrating regenerative farming in the US

ROC certification is led by the Regenerative Organic Alliance, includes influential members like the Rodale Institute, Dr. Bronner’s, and Patagonia, all aiming to fill the gaps left by traditional organic certifications.

With soil health as a cornerstone, ROC promotes biodiversity, employs regenerative practices such as cover crops and rotational grazing, and excludes synthetic inputs

Despite the broad support for sustainable agriculture principles, the introduction of ROC has sparked debate within the community. Critics argue the proliferation of certifications could potentially fragment support for organic products and confuse consumers already overwhelmed by labels. Nonetheless, proponents see ROC as a necessary evolution, offering a more encompassing label reflecting modern environmental and ethical standards

Jason Murrell's insights resonate with a growing consumer trend towards sustainability and ethical consumption. "It's the future of our industry and it's really going to be critical for us moving forward. Obviously, you know, we look for upcycled being kind of a little bit of a buzzword too now, but understanding those ingredients that are upcycled, it's necessary to hit our ingredient standards on top of being upcycled. So if you can do both of those things, then it's definitely right," says Jason Murrell.

This sentiment captures the essence of the ROC movement which is a push towards holistic, sustainable practices prioritising not just environmental health, but the well-being of animals and humans alike.

Natural Products ExpoWest opens in Anaheim, California on 12th March and runs until 16th- showcasing the latest trends and standards in natural products.

Natural Products ExpoWest crowds from 2023

Source: Natural Products ExpoWest

The move towards Regenerative Organic Certification signifies a pivotal moment for the industry. By embracing these rigorous standards, retailers and producers alike signal a commitment to a future where sustainability, transparency, and ethical practices are not just valued but expected by consumers across all age groups.

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