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Fine Food NZ Opens To Large Numbers

As New Zealand food service operators find their feet post lockdowns, they've taken to the isles of the Auckland's ASB Showgrounds in numbers as Fine Food NZ opens to large number of exhibitors across the food and equipment sectors.

Source: PFN

Event Manager Debbie Haimes (shown below) is ecstatic by the stats and says the next few days should. be a resounding success.

Debbie Haimes Fine Food NZ Event Organiser

'We are very please with this years 'restart' to Fine Food New Zealand after the covid hiatus. We have drawn nearly 300 exhibitors across all sections of the food service and retail sectors. It's a very gratifying sign to see people's passion once again backing the future of food and wine in this country', says Debbie Haimes.

Plant-based products are represented with their own special section of exhibitors, including Australian companies looking to get gain exposure for their PB products in New Zealand.

The theme most definitely for PB exhibitors is 'passion driving the dream'.

' Without this passion from start-ups, husband and wife teams and individual aspirations the plant-based sector would not be evolving. It is the dedication shown y these committed people who are the back-bone of the new protein world', says Debbie Haimes.

From top left to bottom right:

YAVA - The Hemp Buttery Company - The Damn Good Food Company - Savour Artisan Cheese - FN Lemon - Little Beauties -Mylk Made - Food Nation and All Mite Gold

For many small plant-based companies this is a great opportunity to show their wares at such a prestigious show as well as a chance to get their product samples into the mouths of attendees.

Australian based organic plant-based company Sanmik Foods has a large presence at the show featuring both retail and food service products.

Sanmik Foods Founder and MD Pathmalal Withanage + NZ CEO Anura Thawalampolage

Source: PFN Sanmik Foods Founder and MD Pathmalal Withanage + NZ CEO Anura Thawalampolage

Company Founder Pathmalal Withanage says his plans are to initiate more two way-trade between Australia and New Zealand. Just last week he shipped two containers of organic apple cider to Australia and expects the trade to grow.

'We are here to not only exhibit our own products and brands but also identify up and coming New Zealand plant-based companies with unique and innovative offerings', says Pathmalal Withanage.

The Fine Food New Zealand show continues until Tuesday 27th and if the first day's numbers are anything to go by this year's event will be a resounding success.

All bodes well for the New Zealand food service sector.

More info on FineFood New Zealand CLICK HERE


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Aug 07, 2023
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