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Raglan Food Co Yoghurt Moves To Sustainable Cardboard For New Snackable Range

New Zealand's, Raglan Food Co Yoghurt has responded to customer feedback by introducing a new Snackable Range, a move aimed at enhancing sustainability and customer convenience. The initiative comes In response to concerns over the use of glass packaging.

One of the notable benefits of this transition is a significant reduction in the company's carbon footprint. By replacing glass with lightweight cardboard, Raglan Food Co. Yoghurt reduces the weight of its products in transit to overseas markets, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to global distribution.

Raglan Yogurt

Source: Raglan Food Co.

 Raglan Food Co. Co-Founder, Tash Randall says there are plans to transition to cardboard containers for other product sizes in the coming months.

Tash Randall, Raglan Food Co

'The shift is driven by the need to address poor glass recycling policies in many of the countries where they export their products, making recycling much easier for their customers', says Tash Randall. (pic left via Instagram)

The Non - Dairy four-flavoured Snackable Yogurt Range comes in easily transportable 150g paper pottles, making it a convenient travel option. Whether it's for lunchboxes, office snacks, pre-gym fuelling, or on-the-go consumption, this pint-sized pack aims to cater to diverse consumer needs.

In addition to addressing sustainability concerns, Raglan Food Co.'s decision to introduce the Snackable Range has been met with very positively on social media.

Customers have praised the company's willingness to adapt and consider the broader impact of their products. One customer highlighted the global significance, stating, "And in HK, the recycling rate is only 10%! We must not forget that having a vegan yoghurt option on the shelf in major retailers abroad is a huge step in itself."

Raglan Yogurt

Source: Raglan Food Co.

Another social media comment expressed enthusiasm, saying, "Love you @raglanfoodco and so awesome to see you looking at the big picture and adjust for export." Raglan Yoghurt's partnership with sustainability-focused organisations has also garnered appreciation, with one partner commenting, "So proud that we at @repurpose_global get to partner with you, Tesh! Love the sense of responsibility and stewardship @raglanfoodco demonstrates in every activity it undertakes"

Raglan Yogurt

Source: Raglan Food Co.

This strategic move by Raglan Food Co. underscores its commitment to both environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction. The Snackable Range is now available in supermarkets throughout New Zealand, offering a sustainable and convenient snacking option for 'coconut yoghurt eaters '.

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