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DairyX Uncloaks at Hack Summit to Reveal it's Dairy Alternative Tech

DairyX, a FoodTech startup founded in 2022, debuted out of "stealth mode" at this years European Hack Summit held in Lucerne, Switzerland.

DairyX Yogurt mockup

Source: DairyX

Highlighting their advanced dairy alternative technologies, the event provided a unique platform for DairyX's co-founder, Arik Ryvkin, PhD, to share the company’s vision, technology, and recent milestones.

DairyX Co-Founder Arik Ryvkin, HackSummit 2024

During the presentation by the Israeli startup DairyX, several key insights were shared based on their research and industry feedback. Firstly, the company highlighted the growing market appetite, noting that "there is a strong desire among dairy consumer packaged goods (CPG) corporations to meet rising consumer demands for animal-free dairy products," says by Arik Ryvkin, co-founder of DairyX.

Additionally, Arik Ryvkin pointed out the diversity of methodologies being adopted in the industry, saying, "Companies are exploring various approaches to develop these dairy alternatives, including innovative techniques like molecular farming and precision fermentation."

Lastly, he emphasised the potential of DairyX's work: "The creation of animal-free casein micelles is a particularly promising strategy and is considered the 'holy grail' of dairy alternatives." This focus underscores the startup's commitment to leading the charge towards more ethical and sustainable dairy production methods.

DairyX mockup of milk and cheese

Source: DairyX

DairyX's technology leverages a precision fermentation process that not only mimics the taste and nutritional profile of traditional dairy but does so using significantly less land, water, and carbon emissions.

The event allowed DairyX to demonstrate how their technology could revolutionise the dairy industry by offering sustainable, health-conscious alternatives not compromising on taste or texture and above all else, EARTH FRIENDLY.

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