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Danone & Partners Introduce Next-Gen Precision Fermentation Platform in France

Danone, a French global leader in infant formula and multi F & B brands, has partnered with multinational Michelin, American startup DMC Biotechnologies, and regional investor Crédit Agricole Centre France to launch the Biotech Open Platform. This collaboration aims to transform the production of sustainable materials and food ingredients using advanced biotechnology. Their focus on precision fermentation is expected to revolutionise the dairy industry, making production processes more sustainable and efficient.

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Source: © Timon Schneider

The new platform, based at the Parc Cataroux Center for Sustainable Materials, an innovation hub supported by Michelin, aims to scale up precision fermentation techniques. This process involves using microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, and fungi to create essential proteins, enzymes, and more, traditionally derived from animals.

With over 16 million euros already funneled into this project, the partners are not only advancing biotechnology but are also making strides toward greener, more sustainable production methods. This initiative marks a significant step for Danone in its commitment to 'Earth Friendly' practices and innovation in the food sector. Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO of Danone, is enthusiastic about the project's potential to enhance health benefits and reduce the carbon footprint in the food industry.

“At Danone, we have always been focused on investing in the future of food, and this partnership is the next step in this journey. We look forward to working with our partners to develop cutting-edge fermentation technologies which will accelerate innovation,

health benefits and decarbonisation in the food industry", says Antoine de Saint-Affrique.

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This platform will also open up new possibilities for other companies looking to upscale their biotech products, providing a blueprint for future innovations in the sector. This move is not just a win for the companies involved but also for consumers looking for more sustainable and 'Earth Friendly' produced non-dairy products.

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