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Bravo TESCO as it Leads The Way with Laser Label Printing, Kiwis Eye Compostible Alternatives by 2025

In a significant move toward sustainability, UK supermarket retailer, TESCO, is introducing an 'Earth Friendly' method to tag avocados - laser label printing. Praised as the first of its kind in the UK, it replaces traditional plastic stickers, which have long been a source of microplastic pollution in compost streams.

TESCO laser printed labeling

Source: TESCO Laser printed labeling

The problem with conventional stickers is their contribution to environmental degradation, as they do not decompose and negatively impact the quality of compost. Tesco’s laser prints directly on the avocado skin, offering a non-toxic, adhesive-free, and completely plastic-free alternative. This progressive step not only enhances the sustainability of packaging but also sets a precedent for others in the industry.

Inspired by Tesco’s innovative approach, New Zealand’s fruit producers, renowned for their quality avocados and kiwifruit, are now facing the same labeling challenge. Although New Zealand has made significant strides in reducing plastic waste by banning single-use plastic produce bags, there’s still no domestic alternative for labeling fresh produce. However, a shift is on the horizon with the planned introduction of some form of compostable produce labels by 2025. Could laser printing be an option?

Seeka branded avocados

Source: Seeka - Branded NZ Avocados

Industry experts suggest adopting laser labeling could significantly reduce waste and improve the environmental footprint of New Zealand’s fruit exports. “This initiative by Tesco is a wake-up call for all. It’s time for New Zealand producers to take similar bold steps and lead the way in eco-friendly practices,” said an environmental scientist based in Auckland.

Consumers are also playing a vital role, with increasing demands for sustainable products. The move away from plastic stickers could further enhance New Zealand’s image as a producer of not only high-quality but also environmentally responsible and Earth Friendly fruit product identification.

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