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Boldly Foods Makes a Splash at US National Restaurant Association Exhibition with Two New Products

Boldly Foods, the Australian plant-based food company operating in the US, left a lasting impression at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show held in Chicago from May 18-21.

Boldly Foods NRA stand

Source: Boldly Foods - Allen Zelden

Despite a notable drop in the number of plant-based exhibitors, down by 50%, those who attended, including Boldly Foods, experienced a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere.

The exhibition saw more than 65,000 attendees, maintaining its status as a premier global event for the foodservice industry.

Sydney based, Allen Zelden, Founder of Boldly Foods, shared his excitement via social as he and his team packed up to head home. "The energy during our time at the National Restaurant Association show was palpable, infectious, and unlike anything I've ever experienced across any category or industry. Truly, beyond showcasing the widest range of vegan seafood in the market, Boldly Foods introduced two BRAND NEW vegan 'land' foods - bacon plus our gluten free and keto shiitake mushroom steak tips."

The 'land' foods join Boldly's plant-based seafood range.

Source: Boldly Foods at the National Restaurant Association Show

Allen Zelden also expressed his gratitude for the positive response from various food service

industry stakeholders. "I've been absolutely blown away by the response we've received from distributors, business owners, caterers, and foodservice operators. What I feel most is an immense sense of gratitude for my exceptional, spirited, purpose-driven team and the many industry peers I had the opportunity to meet and reconnect with. We share many of the same values and goals for a kinder, healthier, and more sustainable future."

The National Restaurant Association Chicago Show continues to be a pivotal platform for global industry innovation and networking, demonstrating the enduring appeal and potential of plant-based alternatives despite challenges in the market.

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