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Boldly Foods Founder: US Launch Of Its Vegan Seafood Is An Amazing Success.

It's warp speed ahead for Boldly Foods, an Australian company with operations in the United States as the US launch of its vegan seafood is an amazing success.

Their vegan seafood lineup includes a diverse selection of konjac-based** alternatives to traditional fish, such as salmon, tuna, crab-sticks, calamari steaks, calamari rings, jumbo prawns, shrimp bites, and whitefish.

Fresh from 'sample smooshing' US restaurateurs at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Boldly's Founder, Sydney based, Allen Zelden says the food service launch in the US was nothing short of amazing.

Allen Zelden Boldly Foods Founder

Source: Boldly Foods Founder Allen Zelden NRA Stand

'To say our formal Boldly launch was a triumphant success and a dream come true is an understatement. Whatever we dreamt of as a ‘perfect' reaction to our range of vegan seafood pales in comparison to the interest, enthusiasm and tremendous demand we received at the show,' says Allen Zelden.

With the Chicago launch exceeding expectations Boldly Foods is well on the way to unveiling a veritable 'grab & go' of vegan seafood for food service operators along the US West Coast.

Source: Boldly Foods Vegan Seafood lineup

An exciting collaboration BESTIES Vegan Paradise in LA will feature monthly chef activation series with renowned guest chefs crafting exclusive menus, showcasing Boldly Foods's 100% vegan seafood range. The culinary journey begins with the talented chef Niko Zaragoza, renowned for his exceptional creations at Los Angeles' latest vegan sushi sensation, Niku Nashi.

Source: Boldly Foods

Allen Zelden is still riding on Cloud Nine as his adrenalin subsides from 4-days of full-on networking.

'There is really only one word that could possibly encompass the amount of thanks we have post show….GRATITUDE. Gratitude for the industry support and all the inspirational people we were so fortunate to connect with. Gratitude for all the positive energy and countless opportunities that await us', says Allen Zelden.

He also paid tribute to the efforts of his US based team. 'IMMENSE GRATITUDE to our amazing team', he concludes.

Check out live footage from Boldly Foods Chicago stand. CLICK BELOW.

Source: Boldly Foods Instagram

In addition to its exciting collaborations with West Coast US restaurants, chefs, and institutions, Boldly Foods has also secured an exclusive partnership with Miss Universe Australia featuring a series of official events, as well as exclusive collaborations with top-notch chefs and restaurants across Australia in the coming months.

Boldly Foods is living up to its name by going boldly into the uncharted territory of the quickly expanding vegan food universe.

More information CLICK HERE.

** Konjac-based" refers to products or ingredients that are derived from the konjac plant (Amorphophallus konjac). The konjac plant is a type of perennial herb that is primarily cultivated in East Asia, particularly in Japan, China, and Korea. It is known for its starchy corm, which is rich in dietary fibre and has various culinary uses.



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