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'Animals For Food' Epoch Coming To An End

'The writing is on the wall' - Graffiti often appears as a precursor to the revelation of one truth or another.

What are seen as 'socially radical' memes have appeared throughout history like 'predictive linguistics' - psychic roadsigns emerging as if to signal to Humans 'things are changing'!

Indeed they are changing and very quickly.


There are factions which see this change as politically driven (aka. climate change, green house emissions et al ) while others see it simply as individuals making different choices because they are literally thinking different thoughts. Either way this change IS occurring in many profound ways.

As a commentator for many years I have witnessed massive change especially since 'the 50's' - when humanity said enough was enough - no more war and suffering. But hang on war and suffering has continued and that war generation is all but gone to be followed by the baby boomers now well into the 70's. Many of the BBG tried to continue with their parents dreams only to find that bad politics and global tyranny are engrained in the human psyche.

NOW a NEW GENERATION is fast proliferating preaching love, care and compassion for ALL living things none the least animals but also Planet Earth. Businesses AND 'pockets of conscious politics' are emerging and starting to have profound influence.

Thus the one time 'meat power' nations are under attack - the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and to a smaller degree, the United Kingdom - as smaller nations the likes of The Netherlands, Israel, Singapore and certain ME countries develop technology removing the animal from the meat eating equation.

I am an advocate for agricultural diversification. NOW!

Generational farmers tilling the land to grow crops or raise animals for slaughter are now staring down the compassionate revolutionaries desperately searching for new directions.

Will farmers have their own 'cell producing bio-reactors' in-situ having removed the animals from the food equation and produce their own 'meat' for sale and distribution? The Dutch think so. Enter 'The Cultivated Meat Farm'.

Thinking out of the traditional box can be a difficult prospect for the die-hard animal producers let alone the animal meat eaters.

So as seemingly far fetched the proposition for 'on land bio-production' of animal like meat might seem IT is now occurring.

US based 'Upside Foods' is the first company to received FDA (Federal Drug Administration) to produce and sell cell based cultivated chicken. More companies are expected to get the green light as Singapore has already given to cell based meat interests there.

Singapore is in a unique position in that almost 100% of its food needs are imported. However it aspires to be a global leader in the 'cultivated meat' industry. Here is the back ground to the development of this sector in this small Asian country.

Israel is again another small country moving very quickly into the cultivated and 3D -printed meat sector.

VEGNEWS has a great summation of the emergent cultivated meat, plant-based and 3D industry.

As the 'meat power' base shifts away from the land and into the laboratory the one-time big players will loose ground very quickly as the rest of the world wakes up to the advantages and benefits of this new direction.

Whole economies will change which begs the question; can countries like New Zealand quickly adapt and, itself, start to ride the cultivated, plant-based, 3D wave? Will New Zealand be left behind as even the global dairy products industry takes on a new appearance with the advent of new fermentation processes?

The bottom line is old practices are already replacing the need for the continuation of industrialised animal production and exploitation of animals.

Indeed the 'Animals For Food' Epoch is coming to an end

All new food for thought!



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