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A Cheeky Wink To Sustainable Gardening Gives New Meaning To Bottoms Up!

Just when you thought your garden was a retreat from the world's hustle and bustle, peep over the hedge and be greeted by a sight sure to plant a grin on your face!

The Soil & Health Association of New Zealand is peeling off layers this festive season with a rather sassy Nude Gardening Calendar, guaranteed to provide a whole new meaning to 'bottoms up' this Christmas.

Soil&Health NZ Nude Gardening Calander

Source: Soil & Health Association of NZ

This whimsical wall adornment for 2024 isn’t just about capturing organic gardeners in their natural habitat; it's a playful nod to earth-friendly cultivation and the raw joy of connected living.

From the fertile soils of New Zealand, these gardeners have tossed their togs to the wind, embracing au naturel agronomy and inspiring stories blooming with each month.

Soil&Health NZ Nude Gardening Calander

Source: Soil & Health Association of NZ

Jenny Lux, an organic market gardener and Co-Chair of Soil & Health NZ, digs deeper into the ethos: "Gardening without gear is our way of becoming one with the earth—au naturel is the new organic!" says Jenny, her hands deep in the soil.

Every dollar raised from this cheeky calendar venture will nurture the Soil & Health Association's mission to advocate for living soils and a thriving ecosystem. Supporters won't just snag a quirky gift or a conversation piece for their kitchen wall; they're helping support a verdant and fucund future.

Rebecka Keeling, whose hands cultivate the permaculture paradise at Slow Blooms Matakana, north of Auckland, finds a parallel between bare-skin botany and life: "Shedding our layers for the camera mirrors our commitment to a simple, organic lifestyle. It's raw, it's real, it's us."

Claire Flynn, the creative green thumb behind OrganicNZ magazine, and the calendar concept, winks, "We're sowing sustainability with a side of sass and a dash of daring!', says Claire.

Capturing the essence of this stripped-down horticulture is Imke Kauta, the lens queen of natural beauty, who volunteered her expertise. "It's about spotlighting the natural elegance of both the gardens and our own skin,' shares Imke.

Soil&Health NZ Nude Gardening Calander

Source: Soil & Health Association of NZ

Available in two tasteful 'editions' to suit different levels of garden modesty, these calendars are ripe for the picking at $30 a pop or $55 for a pair. Grab one off the OrganicNZ website and gift a slice of sustainable joy, guaranteed to add a blush to your holiday festivities – and all for a blooming good cause.

Get yours before they're all harvested!

For more information or to grab your copy of calendar CLICK HERE

Editors Note: I have often thought about gardening in the nude but have always stopped short due to concerns 'the neighbour will take offense'. However he's away for a month or two shortly so I think I'll give it a go!!' :) Lettuce aghast!!!



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