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15 Thousand Gooddot PlantBased Meals Served In One Day In India

What length entrants go to in the new world of plant-based food to ensure their product and brand gets noticed - try 15 Thousand Gooddot PlantBased Meals Served in One Day In India.

'Team GoodDot is proud to have served an incredible 15,000 meals for people from all across India at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium New Delhi', says Co-founder Abhishek Sinha.

Source: Gooddot

With India's vast consumer based, Plant-based meat is developing its own unique story in India, remaining not just an urban concept, but even reaching the most interior parts of India, where the potential is enormous..

In a world where Indian meat lovers are accustomed to traditional dishes like mutton curry, chicken keema, and scrambled eggs, the Udaipur-based startup is challenging the norms with its innovative plant-based alternatives. Products, bearing names like Unmutton Keema, Vegicken Curry, and Eggless Bhurji, are designed to cater to meat enthusiasts and flexitarians, offering cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable choices.

'Technologically, plant-based meat is possible. With proper research and development, we have created a product 100 percent vegan, but tastes like meat. Additionally, if such a product is reasonably priced, it has the potential to attract meat-eating consumers who are seeking to reduce their meat consumption and this is what we have done', says Abhishek Sinha.

GoodDot's product range includes Biryani, Meatless Mince, Unmutton Dhaba Curry Kit, and Vegicken Chunks in Brine, available in packs ranging from 125g to 500g and priced between Rs 95 and Rs 379 ( AUD$1.74 - $6.95)

Source: Gooddot - Packaged Unmutton Restaurant Range Vegicken Curry Kit

For Abhishek Sinha (shown below), GoodDot represents a personal cause rooted in his love for animals.

Abhishek Sinha Co-Founder Gooddots

'I'm an animal lover. I have been rescuing and feeding them since my childhood. At the same time I also belong to a community where people eat the animals I love and protect'. This moral dilemma conflicted with Abhishek Sinha's values, prompting him to explore alternatives.

His brother, Abhinav Sinha, specialised in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. It was during heart to heart discussions they discovered the potential of plant-based meat, utilising proteins derived from sources such as soybeans, lentils, quinoa, peas, coconut oil, and wheat, integrating proprietary technological processes to replicate the taste of meat.

GoodDot employs food scientists and researchers who constantly refine their product line, organising taste tests with restaurant owners, chefs, and stakeholders to improve the taste, texture, and aroma of their vegan delicacies, be it chicken, mutton, or eggs.

GoodDot's products are now featured in the Taj Santa Cruz Mumbai Hotel's Sunday plant-based buffet as well as a pop-up at the prestigious Pullman Hotel, New Delhi during July.

Source: Gooddot prepared food

'We hope this will set a great example for the hospitality sector to incorporate more plant-based dishes providing more sustainable, tasty and nutritious options for guests', says Abhishek Sinha.

'Onwards & upwards to a compassionate world', concludes this visionary entrepreneur.

For more information about Gooddot's Indian operation CLICK HERE

For more information about Gooddot's Australian operation CLICK HERE Products available

at the Sydney Vegan Grocery Store in Glebe. Plans to make the product available in New Zealand for sometime in 2024.



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