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Pimp My Salad Taps Money Market For Expansion

In Byron Bay, Australia, Pimp My Salad is making waves with its range of vegan and gluten-free toppers. They are skilfully carving a niche in the salad toppings food sector, adding a healthy and vibrant touch to plant-based food accoutrements.

Founders Olga Plotnikova and partner Alex Komarov made career switches to focus on Pimp My Salad. Plotnikova, who held a PhD in medical biology and had a decade-long career in cancer research in the US and Australia, recognised the importance of a healthy everyday diet in disease prevention.

Leveraging her knowledge, Olga played a key role in developing the brand's nutritious products. Alex, on the other hand, has a background in physics and spent the past two decades creating digital products. He worked with start-ups in Silicon Valley and operated his own digital product design studio. His expertise brought a unique perspective to the creation of tangible products and encouraged innovative thinking within the company.

Source: Pimp My Salad

Pimp My Salad has already achieved global success, having sold over one million products worldwide. Their product range includes a variety of seeds, croutons, sauces, and sprinkles made from whole foods.

Among their best-selling offerings are the Activated Superseeds, meat-free Coconut Bacon, Cashew Parmesan, and Hemp Parmesan.

Following its initial nationwide distribution to independent grocers and health food stores in 2018, the company experienced rapid growth in popularity. By June 2022, they had successfully expanded their presence to include Australian supermarket retailers like Coles, Woolworths, and Harris Farm.

Presently, Pimp My Salad products are available in over 1700 stores across Australia, making it a leading brand in the market, with 75 percent of all sales within Australia and 25 percent in the UK and other markets. Since 2019, the brand has expanded its reach overseas, establishing a robust network of stockists in the UK.

Pimp My Salad is in the market for AUD$500,000 to expand not only its domestic market share but also to further develop new export markets. The company has already shipped its first orders to Singapore and commenced negotiations to enter Dubai & UAE. Additionally, Pimp My Salad plans to expand further into Europe, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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