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Angel Food Plant-Based Sour Cream Hits NZ Dairy Head On

When plant-based hits dairy head on you know momentum is gathering. This popular New Zealand brand is not missing a beat.

Now available in Countdown aka Woolworths throughout the 'traditionally loyal to dairy' country, Angel Food Plant-Based Sour Cream has begun its push to cut into the dairy companies market share.

Source: PFN

Normally the domain of such dairy brands as Anchor and Meadow Fresh, Angel Food non-dairy cheeses are taking their look, feel, taste and texture to a whole other level.

Angel Food Founder, Alice Shopland is over the proverbial moon with their creation.

Now plant-based folk can enjoy their fav snacks with guilt free impunity. The great Kiwi 'dup' takes on a complete new and sustainable meaning. Recipe below.

Then there's everyone's fav -nachos, even better now with both Angel Foods cheddar AND dollops of pure delight - Sour cream without the cow.

Debuted at the recent Fine Food NZ this amazing 'true to form' fully plant-based cheese product, we predict, has a big future.

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Angel Food Sour Cream Dip Recipe

Take one tub of Angel Food plant-based sour cream, stir in ½ a teaspoon of your favourite vegetable stock powder and ¼ teaspoon onion powder. Leave for an hour or so in the fridge for the flavours to mingle, then get into it with your favourite chips and other dippable items! It's a must-try - Alice Shopland



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