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Wicked Kitchen Embarks on New Chapter with Ahimsa Group Buy-Out As Sarno Bros Bow Out

In a significant development in the plant-based food industry, Wicked Kitchen, known for its innovative vegan products, has been acquired by the Indian based, Ahimsa Group. The acquisition marks a new era for Wicked Kitchen, which has been at the forefront of the plant-based movement since its inception.

Wicker Kitchen plant-based products

Source: Wicked Kitchen Plant-based food lines.

Chefs and brothers Derek and Chad Sarno, who set up Wicked Kitchen in 2016 with associate Chris Kerr before taking the brand into the UK and the US, are “stakeholders in the new brand business”, according to a statement.

Derek Sarno, confessed 'mushroom steak tragic', has stepped back from the day-to-day operations following the acquisition. However, his creative culinary legacy will continue to influence the company as it retains the rights to use his intellectual property in its products.

Sarno expressed his enthusiasm for the future growth of the company under the new ownership, highlighting his pride in how Wicked Kitchen has transformed the retail landscape for plant-based foods in the UK since its partnership with Tesco in 2018.

Derek Sarno Co-Founder Wicker Kitchen

Source: Derek Sarno - Cooking a Lions Mane mushroom steak

The acquisition by Ahimsa Group, a venture capital fund committed to sustainable, humane, and healthy world initiatives, suggests a strategic alignment with Wicked Kitchen’s mission. The company has been instrumental in meeting the increasing consumer demand for vegan options, a trend Sarno is proud to have contributed to significantly.

Matt Tullman, the group CEO of Ahimsa Companies, says the business will target further brand acquisitions beyond Wicked Kitchen with the aim to “vertically integrate and leverage resources to build momentum”.

As Wicked Kitchen continues to grow under its new ownership, the plant-based food industry watches eagerly to see how this new chapter will unfold, promising more innovative and accessible vegan products for consumers worldwide.

For more details on this acquisition, you can visit Wicked Kitchen’s official website or Ahimsa VC’s page.



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