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Wakao Foods Makes History With Largest Ever Shipment of Jackfruit PlantBased Meat

Goa based, Wakao Foods, a leading player in the Indian plant-based meat industry, reveals their largest-ever shipment of jackfruit plant-based meat products, an initial shipment to the US, is just the first of two containers, reflecting the company's commitment to meet the rising demand for plant-based alternatives in the American market.

Wakao Jackfruit range

Source: Wakao

The shipment comprises a diverse range of jackfruit-based products, including:

  • Raw Jack,

  • BBQ Jack,

  • Indian Gravy,

  • Continental Jack burger patties,

  • Jack Supreme burger patties,

  • American Herbs sausages,

  • Hot and Spicy sausages,

  • Teriyaki Jack.

This extensive selection showcases the versatility of jackfruit as a sustainable and delicious meat alternative, catering to various culinary preferences.

Source: Wakao - Jackfruit burger patties and jackfruit vegan meat

Acknowledging the potential of India's diverse crop biodiversity, Mr Rajesh Agrawal, Chairman of the Agricultural and Processed Foods Export Development Authority (APEDA) , highlighted the growing market for plant-based meat alternatives in the country and the opportunities to leverage India's crop diversity, benefiting farmers, reducing waste, and supporting climate goals.

Mr VK Vidyarthi, General Manager of APEDA, further emphasised the transformative potential of indigenous crops in India's agriculture sector. Vidyarthi highlighted the benefits of adopting these crops for exports, creating new opportunities for farmers, and contributing to sustainability goals.

Wakao Foods' achievement not only signifies their success in meeting the demands of the American market but also underscores the role of innovative plant-based alternatives in revolutionising the food industry. By leveraging the remarkable attributes of jackfruit, Wakao Foods aims to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical food ecosystem while catering to the increasing global appetite for plant-based meat options.

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