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Natural Products Expo West on now in Anaheim, California is delivering up the latest and greatest in natural, vegan and plant-based products. is right in the heart of the avalanche of innovation and trends on offer from the natural products sector featuring more than 3-thousand exhibitors with nearly a thousand of these first time exhibitors.

This sector is very much alive and while everyone exhibiting or visiting are winners, #vegnewsdoesexpo is on the spot reporting on the best via its Instagram page.

Some of the products #vegnewsdoesexpo has identitfied for us. But what about the #plantbased, #altprotein, & #cultivatedmeat product lineup.

Check these out in 'Enlarge Window' mode.

1. Meati Foods plant-based steak looks and tastes like the cow thing BUT NOT!!

2. JUST Egg plant-based egg looks and tastes like the hen thing BUT NOT!!

3. #VeganSpam from Hungry Planet Foods looks and tastes like the old thing BUT NOT!!

4. #MooLessAnimalFreeWheyProtein from Natreve looks and tastes like the old thing BUT NOT!!

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