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Czech Startup Mewery Creates Cultivated Pork Meat Prototype Using Micro Algae

In yet another groundbreaking development, Czech startup Mewery announces the successful creation of the world's first cultivated pork meat prototype using micro algae. The company's achievement marks a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable and ethical meat production.

Mewery cultivated pork meat with micro algae

Source: Mewery

Mewery is utilising a unique hybrid culture medium, incorporating extracts from micro algae, to produce cultivated pork meat consisting of 75% pork and 25% micro algae cells. This innovative approach offers numerous advantages over conventional methods. Notably, it eliminates the need for Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) as a cultivating medium, reducing costs and providing additional nutritional benefits.

The cultivated meat produced by Mewery is entirely cellular, setting it apart from other prototypes relying on soy or pea proteins.

Roman Laus Mewery Founder

The Czech Republic-based Mewery was founded by entrepreneur Roman Lauš (shown left)

Mewery aims to bring consumer-ready cultivated meat products to market within the next two years. Their initial offerings will include pork meatballs and pork sausages, providing a sustainable alternative for meat lovers. To achieve this goal, Mewery is actively seeking additional funding this year. These funds will support the continued development of their biobank cell repository and the expansion of large-capacity bioreactors for increased production volume.

'In this way, we want to ensure a more or less unlimited source of pig cells, which will move us closer to large-scale production', says Roman Lauš.

'We love meat but hate the way it’s done. That’s why we’ve decided to change that. We are a team bringing together business and science experience with one script goal – to cultivate meat without killing a single animal or harming the planet', Roman Lauš passionately states.

Source: Mewery

Mewery's pioneering use of micro algae in cultivated meat production signals a major stride towards a more sustainable and compassionate future for the global food industry.

At present no EU country has certified any cultivated meat product with Mewery watching closely and supporting the regulatory landscape in Singapore, Israel and the United States. The company hopes to gain approval to share their product with 'non-employees' within months, then await complete consumer certification.

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Editors note: No animal was killed or harmed during the writing of this story.


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