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Are GenZs Driving Global Vegan HOT Sauce Growth?

Pop sensation Ed Sheeran has embarked on a unique career venture, teaming up with Heinz to introduce his very own brand of HOT sauces under the name Tingly Ted's. This unexpected move comes as no surprise considering Sheeran's massive fan base, with millions of Spotify listeners and a packed international schedule. Available in the UK and priced at £3 for a 265g bottle, Tingly Ted's offers two variations: Tingly and Extra Tingly.

Ed Sheeran and Tingly Ted's hot sauce

Source: Tingly Ted

Are GenZs driving global vegan HOT sauce growth? Data from consumer intelligence platform Vypr reveals that one-fifth of men aged 18 to 24 have purchased Sheeran's sauces, compared to just one-tenth of women within the same age bracket. Undoubtedly, Sheeran's influence plays a pivotal role in driving sales within this demographic, aided by his staggering 44 million Instagram followers, whom he can easily reach to promote the brand.

Newman's Own tomato sauce

So here-in lies a unique opportunity for the vegan and non-vegan sauce industry to witness a 'masterclass' in 'collaborative branding using an identity with unprecedented 'pulling' power.

Something un-heard of perhaps just a decades ago but now a reality for not just bigger brands but also for small brands wanting to penetrate this lucrative sector. However, contray to this statement though would be the famous Paul Newmans Italian sauces from the 90's.

What sets Newman's Own (left) apart is that all the $550-million profits generated by the brand contribute to a charitable fund established by the late actor himself, who passed away in 2008. Imagine what might have been achieved if Newman had been born in the 90's and today was capitalising on his fame and adulation by way of social media and other OmniMedia Networking platforms.

Personality backed sauce launches skilfully tap into the growing British, and dare we say Australian and Kiwi, preference for spicier and more exotic condiments. Nando's UK peri-infused range experienced a notable 7.6% increase in volumes, while Tabasco's hot sauce range saw a 15.2% boost in sales. Similarly, Frank's Sauce volumes grew by 2%, no-doubt their recent availability in NZ helping to drive sales.

New Zealand is in the vanguard of producing sauces - hot and basic 'warm' Alderson's Morepork (named after the famed Kiwi owl icon) making its appearance at the recent Fine Foods NZ show - their hotties are the Chipotle and Habanero.

Alderson's Morepork BBQ sauce

Source: PFN Ironically traditional options like brown sauce, ketchup, and mayo are experiencing declines of 8.1%, 4.5%, and 2.2% respectively which begs the question; do hot and spicy sauces with star pulling power appeal to the GenZ males because they too endorse a sense of rebelious masculinity?

'Male Made' hot sauces bear names like INSANITY, PAIN 100%, DEATH, SCORNED WOMAN, ACID RAIN, DEATH WISH, GROUND ZERO and HOT SAUCE FROM HELL - a full list can be seen HERE.

Sriracha chill sauce

Just one look at the original Sriracha chilli sauce story is in itself mind boggling. Produced by Huy Fong Foods, a California manufacturer, and created in 1978 by David Tran, a Chinese immigrant from Vietnam, really only came into its own when social media platforms expanded.

Without investing any money in marketing, his Sriracha sauce quickly gained popularity, giving rise to numerous imitators. Presently, his empire generates approximately $80 -$100 million in annual revenue.

So what is the hottest chilli sauce in New Zealand? It appears it is this from Wild West Worcester from Dargaville, north of Auckland. It is so hot it comes with its own 'dropper' because all it takes is two drops and any more its makers say ' BEWARE the bhut jolokia peppers pack some serious heat'.

Wild West Worcester Ghost chilli hot sauce

Source: Wild West Worcester

Guy thing or gal thing? Mostly the hunting, fishin and shooting folk BUT the great thing is these sauces are almost 100% vegan with no animal, dairy or even wheat based ingredients.

Buena caza para tu salsa de chile favorita, realmente picante!



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