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The Jackfruit Company Leads in Eco-Innovation with Regenerative Agriculture & Carbon Reduction

In Boulder, Colorado and India, The Jackfruit Company is not just talking about sustainability; it's actively shaping the future of food production with its innovative regenerative programs at home and in India, with a keen focus on reducing carbon emissions.

The Jackfruit Company Annie Ryu Centre

Spearheaded by CEO and Founder Annie Ryu, (shown centre with Indian farmers) the company has taken an holistic approach to sustainability, combining environmental stewardship with social equity and economic viability. In their first Impact Report, Annie Ryu outlines the company's achievements and ambitious goals, emphasising the significant role of jackfruit in combating climate change.

"Our first-ever Impact Report is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. Despite the challenges of the past two years, we've made remarkable progress in demonstrating Jackfruit's potential as a sustainable food source," Annie Ryu says. "Our comprehensive life cycle assessment revealed Jackfruit significantly outperforms conventional meat in terms of environmental impact, boasting a 94% lower Global Warming Potential compared to beef, 60% less than chicken, and 87% less than pork."

Source: The Jackfruit Company Slide shows Indian growing community and Jackfruit trees

The Jackfruit Company is taking decisive action to leverage these insights, committing to planting 50,000 jackfruit trees in India annually. These trees are not only a source of sustainable food but also a powerful tool for carbon sequestration, capable of absorbing three times more carbon than the average tree. Early studies suggest that a 20-year-old jackfruit tree can sequester approximately 120 pounds of CO2 per year, illustrating the crop's potential to significantly mitigate climate change.

Annie Ryu also says the company's commitment to supporting its Indian farmers through the promotion of regenerative agricultural practices. "We are dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of Jackfruit cultivation, which in turn benefits our farmers and their communities. By fostering a regenerative ecosystem, we're contributing to a more resilient and carbon-efficient food system".

Source: The Jackfruit Company - Slide shows beautiful recipe ideas found HERE

With a robust strategy for environmental impact, The Jackfruit Company is setting a new standard for food producers globally. "Our mission goes beyond creating delicious plant-based foods. We aim to be at the forefront of the movement towards a more sustainable and equitable food system. The support from our consumers, partners, and team has been overwhelming, and it fuels our drive to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible," says Annie Ryu.

Through innovative approaches to food production, The Jackfruit Company is demonstrating the power of plant-based solutions in addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time, including climate change, food security, and environmental degradation.

For more information and download 'The Impact Report' CLICK HERE



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