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'The Good Oil' Revolutionises Kiwi Culinary Scene with High-Quality, Cold-Pressed Oil

New Zealand's "The Good Oil," produced by Pure Oil New Zealand, has seen a surge in popularity for its locally sourced and cold-pressed sunflower and rapeseed oils. Recognizing a gap in the New Zealand market, which was dominated by imported and refined cooking oils, Pure Oil New Zealand seized the opportunity to offer a healthier, minimally processed, and affordable local alternative.

During this coming New Zealand summer motorists driving through the South Island's stunning countryside will come across these signs.

The Good Oil sign in a field of rapeseed

Source: The Good Oil

Starting as a trial in 2014, The Good Oil's Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil was initially shared with growers and industry partners as a Christmas gift. Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, it was introduced to supermarkets in 2016, followed by High Oleic Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil in 2019. These oils are distinguished by their high 'High Oleic' monounsaturated fats, offering a healthier balance of fats with 50% less saturated fat than olive oil.

Pure Oil New Zealand ensures full oversight of the entire production process, from using GE-free seeds to careful handling of the crop and oil storage. Their cold pressing technique, which avoids added heat or chemicals, yields an extra virgin rapeseed oil known for its mild nutty taste, delicate aroma, and rich golden color.

Source: The Good Oil

The Good Oil sources its crops from several South Island farms, including Darling's Farm in South Timaru, Pankhurst Farm near Rolleston, Altonbrook Farm in Southbridge, Wigley’s Farm in Hook Waimate, and Carlos Bagrie and Nadia Lim’s, Royalburn Station in Central Otago. These farms contribute to the sustainable and ethical focus of the company.

The Good Oils - Rapeseed and Sunflower Oils

Source: The Good Oil - Rapeseed Oil (left) - Sunflower Seed Oil (right)

Under the leadership of Managing Director Nick Murney, Pure Oil has repurposed a former biofuel plant to produce high-quality food-grade oil. The plant, operating at 50% capacity, can process 90 tons of seed daily, resulting in 36 tons of oil and 54 tons of meal. Approximately 50 growers across various regions supply rapeseed to Pure Oil.

Pure Oil's products stand out for their natural colour and taste, high in omega-3 and vitamin E, and with half the saturated fat of olive oil. The company also produces omega-3 rich equine oil and a high-protein meal by-product for animal feed. They have recently started exporting a high-oleic variety oil, targeting niche markets.

The company's commitment to quality and sustainability has not only elevated the standard of cooking oils in New Zealand but also positioned it for potential growth in the export market.

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