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The Danes Create "Meat" From Algae

Scientists in Denmark have engineered a novel protein and meat-like fibres from blue-green algae, opening up completely new opportunities in sustainable food production. Utilising what are known as cyanobacteria, researchers have successfully created fibrous strands mimicking "meat" texture, potentially revolutionising the plant-based food industry with minimal processing required.

According to Poul Erik Jensen, a professor at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Food Science and head of a research group specialising in plant-based food and plant biochemistry says his team is excited by the development. "Cyanobacteria are living organisms that we have managed to harness to produce a protein they don't naturally produce. The protein forms into fibrous strands, resembling meat fibres, which is particularly exciting." The implications of this research, published in the journal ACS Nano, extend beyond just food texture, offering a sustainable ingredient that thrives on sunlight, water, and atmospheric CO2.