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Taking Fish To The Next Level: Franklin Farms Unveils Innovative Plant-Based Tuna Alternative

US based, Franklin Farms unveils innovative plant-based tuna alternative to its expanding line of plant-based products offering an authentic taste and texture of real tuna while avoiding the environmental consequences associated with commercial tuna fishing. This healthier alternative will be available in two forms, Original and Jalapeño.

Cindy Wong, Vice President of Sales at Franklin Farms says their plant-based tuna mimics the same bite, texture and flavour as traditional tuna and is unlike any other plant-based offering available in the market today.

Source: Franklin Farms - Original Plant-Based Tuna

Source: Franklin Farms - Looks and feels just like its fishy cousin.

'It is a One for One replacement for regular canned tuna but is 100 percent fish-free and perfect to use for tuna salad, tuna sandwiches, tuna casseroles and more. Appealing to flexitarians, vegetarians and shoppers alike who are looking to try more plant-based products they are sure love the delicious savoury taste of our tuna', says Cindy Wong.

Franklin Farms Plant-Based Tuna is crafted from a combination of plant-based proteins, ensuring a non-GMO and cholesterol-free product. Each 2oz serving of provides a satisfying 9-10g of protein while being free from mercury, a prevalent element found in various tuna species. 'Not only is our plant-based tuna better for nutrition, it is also much better for the environment and sustainability efforts,' says Cindy Wong. 'Tuna is both the world’s most consumed fish and one of the ocean’s most vulnerable species. We wanted to create a sustainable fish alternative without compromising the flavour and texture of real tuna for consumers to enjoy.'

Based on global consumption trends, Tuna ranks Number One as the most consumed fish with the The Food and Agricultural Organisation reporting global tuna fishing exceeding six million metric tons annually.

Unfortunately, commercial fishing practices also result in bycatch, causing the unintentional capture and demise of over 80 species, including endangered sea turtles, sharks, sailfish, and various other marine life.

Other highly consumed fish in order after tuna include:

  • Salmon

  • Shrimp

  • Carp

  • Sardines

Source: Franklin Farms Jalapeno Plant-Based Tuna

Franklin Farms has been producing plant-based protein foods for over two decades and their product lineup includes veggie patties, meatless meatballs, tofu, seitan, tempeh, chickpea tofu, vegan wraps.

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