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Spreading Success as Feliz's Vutter Aims to Hit Australian Market

In an exciting blend of innovation and tradition, Feliz Wholefoods, the New Zealand-born startup behind the plant-based non-dairy Vutter, is eyeing Aussie horizons with dreams of spreading across the Tasman.

While still in the exploratory phase of entering the Australian domain, Feliz's ambitions underscore a remarkable journey of a small company with big dreams. At its heart is Vutter, a vegan butter alternative liked not only by vegans but also meat and dairy lovers alike.

Founders Aline Fonseca and Patrick Malloch

Founders Aline Fonseca and Patrick Malloch (pictured left). have meticulously crafted Vutter to appeal to a broad audience, including those far-flung rural corners of New Zealand. Their new direct-to-customer strategy not only meets growing demand but also fosters a unique connection with their consumers, sidestepping traditional retail avenues dominated by dairy juggernauts.

Aline Fonseca says 'diverse appeal' is the key attribute of their non-dairy butter. "Vutter isn't just about offering an alternative. It's about creating something that stands on its own for its taste, health benefits, and ethical values. It's heartening to see it being embraced by such a diverse crowd, from flexitarians to those who've never considered plant-based options before," says Aline Fonseca.

Feliz's dedication to staying independent, eschewing traditional investor routes as long as possible, highlights the resilience and innovative spirit at the company's core. This approach allows them to focus on product quality, ethical sourcing, and maintaining the integrity of their vision without compromise.

The recent launch of their online shop, offering unique flavours and deals directly to consumers, marks a significant milestone for Feliz. It's not just a sales channel but a testament to their commitment to accessibility and community engagement. Vutter's accolade as a 2024 Vegan Society Dairy Free Awards Winner further cements its status as a game-changer in the food industry. A recent Bootcamp with Seedlab, Australia is the first step into understanding a market considerably larger than their Kiwi homeland.

Source: Felliz Wholefoods

With a suite of products including the original Vutter, Vutter Avo Spreadable, Vutter Hemp, and the flavoursome, Vutter Garlic 'slow roasted,' Feliz Wholefoods is not just selling a vegan butter, they are inviting everyone to the table for a taste of the future.

As Feliz Wholefoods ventures into potential export opportunities, the path ahead is as promising as it is challenging. Yet, with a product marrying health, taste, and ethics so seamlessly, Vutter is set to butter-up not just Australia, but potentially the rest world with the non-dairy butter range.

Watch this space!

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