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House of Vegano Unveils Sensationally Superlative Sushi Selection in St. Petersburg

House of Vegano, is 100% vegan sushi as it unveils sensationally superlative sushi selection in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. This unique eatery has recently relocated to a larger space, sending locals and visitors into a frenzy. Who wouldn't be moved by such amazing vegan food?

What sets House of Vegano apart is its ability to create authentic sushi rolls without any fish, pushing the boundaries of what plant-based cuisine can achieve.

House of Vegano 'Baked Alaska Sushi Roll'

Source: House of Vegano - Baked Alaska Sushi Roll

Thalia Tathum House of Vegano Founder

Source: House of Vegano Instagram

Thalia Tatham is the mastermind behind House of

Vegano, embarked on her vegan journey as a solution to combat the chronic pain caused by lupus, an autoimmune disease.

Determined to maintain the taste, flavour, and enjoyment of her meals, she developed a range of sunning vegan sushi options.

In just six months, Thalia Tatham witnessed a significant improvement in her symptoms, inspiring her to share her plant-based creations with her local world.

The restaurant boasts an impressive menu featuring a plethora of original creations that have captivated sushi enthusiasts: One standout option is the Volcano Roll, comprising avocado, carrots, and cucumber, topped with spicy Lion's Mane Mushroom and vegan caviar.

Another crowd-pleaser is the Lewis Hamilton Lobstah Roll, which features spicy Krab made from King Oyster Mushroom, paired with scorched avocado, vegan caviar, and lumps of Vegan Lobstah made from Konjac Root and Yam Flour, poached in garlic butter.

The Royale Roll offers a unique combination of butter-poached Vegan Scallops, cream cheese, and avocado. Additionally, the Tom Kha Ramen comes garnished with Vegan Vork Belly, creating a fusion of flavours enticing even the most discerning palate.

Source: House of Vegano Sushi Roll Selection

House of Vegano goes well above and well beyond with its plant-based sushi rolls by sourcing alt-seafood options crafted from mushrooms, jackfruit, and eggplant. Notably, the restaurant features fish-free caviar from Danish brand Caviart.

The Volcano and Caterpillar Rolls have become customer favourites, as patrons are frequently astounded by the remarkably authentic taste of the fish and seafood alternatives.

In light of House of Vegano's skyrocketing popularity, we have done a recipe unpack, showcasing their amazing Baked Alaska sushi roll for those of not able to experience this amazing creation firsthand. This unique creation has sent culinary enthusiasts into a frenzy, further solidifying House of Vegano's reputation as a trailblazer in the US vegan sushi scene.

House of Vegano's alchemic innovation with vegan sushi is attracting a cult-like following from both local residents and those who travel from afar.

House of Vegano sushi rolls

Source: House of Vegano

Thalia Tatham's dedication to preserving taste, flavour, and enjoyment while embracing a plant-based lifestyle has made House of Vegano a must-visit culinary destination in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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'Baked Alaska Sushi Roll' Recipe credit to House of Vegano as best we could determine :)

Eds note: I am a confessed vegan sushi tragic !!



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