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Plant Based Food Products Celebrated in 2023 V-Label Awards

The 2023 International V-Label Awards has unveiled its prestigious shortlist, spotlighting the most innovative plant-based products from around the globe.

V-Label Label

Source: V-Label

This year’s entries exhibit a dazzling array of innovation, showcasing everything from upcycled condiments to sustainable leather alternatives.

Nikolett Konkoly, the Awards Program Manager at V-Label, expressed enthusiasm about the diverse product submissions.

“From upcycled mayonnaise to leather made from tea or olive waste and everything in between, the diverse range of plant-based products submitted to this year’s Awards proves yet again that the plant-based landscape is flourishing with innovation', says Nikolett Konkoly.

The Awards are divided into three main categories: sustainability, innovation, and marketing & branding. In the sustainability category, products are recognized for their efforts in reducing carbon footprints, water conservation, waste management, and sustainable sourcing.

Heura Foods’ F’sh Filet, VEGDOG’s Complete dog food, and Lidl’s Veganer Streichgenuss and Vemondo Range are among the noteworthy mentions.

Heura fish fillet

Source: V-Label

In the realm of innovation, the Awards honor products redefining the boundaries of plant-based food and beverages. Heura Foods’ F’sh Fillet, Planted’s chicken Filet Natur, and TiNDLE’s plant-based range are highlighted for their contributions to the sector. The criteria for this category encompass novelty, technical complexity, and financial viability.

Lidl Vemondo Range

Source: Lidl, Germany

The marketing & branding category celebrates products that effectively communicate the benefits of plant-based living to a wider audience. TiNDLE and Lidl are both featured for their exceptional branding efforts.

The TiNDLE range

Source: TiNDLE

'Their creativity, commitment to nurturing community, and passion was palpable. It was an honor to read them and be a part of the jury process,' says Abigail Stevens, Marketing Director at Plant Based World Expo Europe.

In the Consumers' Choice category where more than

15,000 votes were cast the Meat Alternative vote went to Vegane Dino-Nuggets.

Vegane Dino Nuggets

Source: Vegane

The diversity of the shortlist, featuring a mix of established brands and up-and-coming challengers, demonstrates the vibrant and innovative nature of the plant-based industry. With entries ranging from vegan pet food by VEGDOG to TiNDLE’s plant-based offerings and Lidl’s comprehensive range, the 2023 V-Label Awards underscore the industry’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and effective branding, testomoy to plant-based living.

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