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Otis Oat Milk Brings Production Back to NZ with State-of-the-Art Auckland Facility

In a significant boost to local production and sustainability, Otis Oat Milk has tapped into a cutting-edge facility in East Auckland, heralding the return of its oat milk production to New Zealand shores. Making over 500,000 litres of Oat Milk this month from premium South Island oats, the factory defines industry standards with its world-class technology and environmental ethos.

"After nearly five years of meticulous planning and collaboration with top-tier technology partners from New Zealand, Germany, and Sweden, we're proud to introduce a facility that not only meets but exceeds the gold standard in oat milk production," esays Tim Ryan, co-founder of Otis.

The facility, owned by Free-flow Manufacturing, incorporates pioneering enzyme technology crafted by Sweden's Angie Triantafyllou, a key figure in modern oat milk processes. The technology enables Otis to produce what Ryan claims is "arguably the highest quality oat milk globally."

Source: Otis Oat Milk - Video showing production facilities & interview with Otis' Finn Geoghegan

Prime South Island, NZ Oats

New Zealand's oat-growing capabilities are among the finest worldwide, thanks to a dedicated collaboration with the New Zealand Oat Industry Group, including entities like Plant Research and Harraways mill. This partnership ensures the oats used are optimised for both nutritional value and environmental sustainability.

"It’s a landmark moment for Otis as we bring our production back home, utilizing incredible Swedish technology to craft our oat milk right here in New Zealand," says Chris Wilkie, co-founder of Otis

Oatis Oat Milk

The new facility not only supports the local economy but also advances New Zealand's position as a leader in sustainable food production. With the plant-based milk market continuing to grow, particularly oat milk, which now dominates 41 percent of the market in New Zealand, Otis Oat Milk is well-positioned to meet increasing consumer demand for 'Earth Friendly' and nutritious alternatives.

Starting July 1, Otis's new 100% homegrown oat milk will be available nationwide in refreshed 1-litre cartons, inviting Kiwi's to taste the freshness and quality of locally produced oat milk.

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Image Sources: Otis Oat Milk.



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