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Magnum Almond & Boring Oat Barista Lead the Pack at the 2024 NZ Dairy Free Awards

In a celebration of innovation, The NZ Vegan Society's annual Dairy Free Awards has announced its 2024 winners, spotlighting the exceptional quality and variety of plant-based products available across the country.

NZ Dairy Free Awards

Source: NZ Vegan Society

From the creamy indulgence of ice cream to the essential versatility of plant-based milks, this year's awards highlight the best in each category, offering consumers guidance in choosing top-tier vegan products.

Magnum Almond scooped the Ice Cream category by a narrow margin of just four votes, edging out Tiptop Boysenberry Trumpet and Duck Island Salted Chocolate Brownie. This win underscores the growing excellence in dairy-free dessert options that do not compromise on taste or texture.

Vegan magnum ice cream

Source: Streets Icecream

In the Plant Based Milk category, Boring Oat Barista retained its crown for another year, demonstrating the brand's consistent quality and popularity, with Vitasoy Oat as the runner-up. Oat milk's prominence in the dairy-free sector continues to rise, thanks to its creamy texture and environmental benefits.

Source: Boring Oat - Barista

Vutter Original triumphed in the Butter category, securing half of the total votes, a testament to its appeal and versatility. Its Garlic blend variant also took the runner-up spot, highlighting the brand's dominance in the dairy-free butter market.

Vutter original non-dairy butter

Source: Felizwholefoods

The Plant Based Desserts category saw a tie, with Alpro Chocolate 4 pack dessert and Alpro 250ml carton of custard sharing the top honors. Equal runners-up were Sara Lee Joy Blueberry Cheesecake and Sara Lee Joy Key Lime Cheesecake, indicating a strong competition in the desserts category.

Raglan Food Company dominated the Plant Based Yoghurts section, with their Vanilla Bean flavour winning and Raspberry flavour following closely as the runner-up. This win spotlights the brand's commitment to flavour and quality in the increasingly competitive plant-based yogurt market.

Raglan raspberry yogurt

Source: Raglan Food Co

Lastly, Angel Food Sour Cream clinched the Cream category, with Alpro Single Soy Cream and Little Island Cashew Cream as runners-up, showcasing the diversity and culinary potential of dairy-free cream alternatives.

Angel Food Dairy free sour cream

Source: Angel Food

These awards not only celebrate the innovation within the NZ dairy-free sector but also serve as a guide for consumers looking to explore the richness of plant-based options.

For further details on the winners and the awards CLICK HERE



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