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NZ Start-Up NXW Wins Big at Future Food Asia 2024

NXW is recognised for its work in using microalgae to create a sustainable, non-GMO protein source. Their approach aims to offer better nutrition without harming the environment. Cargill will support NXW in expanding their operations across Asia-Pacific.

“We’re receiving this award on behalf of a big team effort over the past three years. It’s an acknowledgement of everybody’s work, drive and grit here. And we’re just getting started!” says Alex Worker, Co-Founder of NXW.

"This accolade underscores the transformative potential of our approach to nutrition, which is rooted in planet-conscious innovation and global collaboration. We are grateful to Cargill for their generous support and look forward to leveraging their expertise to accelerate the impact of our solutions on a global scale," says Alex Worker.

Future Food Asia - NXW team with Cargill representatives

Source: Future Food Asia - NXW team with Cargill representatives

Dr. YongCheng Poh, Cargill’s External Innovation

Leader, said, “NXW’s work aligns with our goals of providing nature-based, affordable nutritional solutions. We are excited to partner with them.”

Additionally, Qarbotech from Malaysia took home the USD 100,000 Future Food Asia Award. Qarbotech developed a photosynthesis enhancement nanotechnology that boosts crop yields by up to 60%. Their solution, applied to plants or soil, helps plants capture more sunlight, even on cloudy days. This technology aims to increase productivity for farmers globally.

This year’s event saw significant participation and showcased high-quality innovations. NXW’s win with their microalgae protein technology highlights how new ideas can solve global food security issues.

NXW - Alex Worker Co-Founder (left) CEO Toby Lane  (right) shown at Future Food Asia

Source: NXW - Alex Worker Co-Founder (left) CEO Toby Lane (right) shown at Future Food Asia

As companies like NXW and Qarbotech refine their technologies, a more sustainable and efficient food system becomes attainable.

Future Food Asia continues to foster collaboration and showcase the best in the industry, setting a high benchmark for future participants and highlighting the vital role of innovation in the future of food production.

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