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NZ's Nutrition from Water Teams Up with MISTA to Bring Marine Whey to U.S. Markets

In another small but significant step for global sustainable nutrition, New Zealand-based Nutrition from Water (NXW) says its partnering with MISTA, a prominent food innovation platform in San Francisco. This collaboration follows NXW’s recent triumph at the Cargill Nutrition for Tomorrow Award 2024, solidifying its commitment to revolutionising nutrition.

NXW, supported by Indie Bio, is at the leading edge of harnessing natural nutrients from pristine waters, and crafting a product aimed at delivering affordable, sustainable and 'Earth Friendly' nutrition. The company’s entry into the MISTA ecosystem, which includes giants like Givaudan, Danone, and Conagra, marks a critical phase in scaling its product globally.

NXW - MISTA HQ San Francisco

Source: NXW - MISTA HQ San Francisco

The partnership kicks off with an exclusive event at MISTA Foods on June 14, 2024, where NXW will debut Marine Whey, their flagship product designed for everyday nutrition needs.

Toby Lane, CEO of NXW, says, "Joining MISTA Foods allows us to showcase our high-quality, complete nutrition solutions which stand out not only for their health benefits but also for their minimal environmental impact. Our Marine Whey is engineered to function akin to high-quality dairy whey, offering a sustainable alternative at a competitive price."

NXW - The Buhler twin screw extruder at the MISTA Innovation Center

Source: NXW - The Buhler twin screw extruder at the MISTA Innovation Center

This event targets companies and investors focused on nutritional impact and scalable climate solutions, emphasising NXW's commitment to addressing global nutritional challenges affordably. Toby Lane adds, "We are excited to demonstrate our product's versatility within the MISTA framework and to forge meaningful partnerships that will help us reach our goal of nourishing millions worldwide."

New Zealand's AREPA and Future Food Aotearoa are already members of the MISTA ecosystem.

For those interested in joining the movement towards sustainable nutrition, NXW invites you to learn more about their innovative offerings and to register for the upcoming sample session by emailing

Or more information about NXW CLICK HERE.



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