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Novo Farina Pea Protein Poised to Reduce Food Costs for UK Institutions

In a strategic move to revamp institutional food services, Novo Farina has partnered with UK Development Chef, Alpesh Chauhan, introducing a sustainable and budget-friendly culinary solution for UK's health and educational institutions. The collaboration highlights the use of British-made pea protein ingredients in creating flexible, cost-effective high-protein meal options.

Chef Alpesh Chauhan, who has worked in Michelin-starred kitchens and with top UK food brands, brings his culinary prowess to the fore with Novo Farina. "Using Pea Protein aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals, allowing us to craft delicious, scalable dishes that benefit both people and the planet," says Chef Chauhan.

Novo Farina - Chef Chef Alpesh Chauhan

Source: Novo Farina - Chef Alpesh Chauhan

Based in Norfolk, Novo Farina's mission revolves around transforming the future of meat replacements with its high-quality, 100% yellow pea-based products. These ingredients are not only sustainable and versatile but also set a new benchmark for clean label, ambient, and environmentally friendly pulse proteins.

Novo Farina's products are a boon for cash-strapped institutions seeking to enhance their culinary offerings without straining their budgets. The locally sourced whole pea products supports local agriculture and reduces carbon emissions, at the same time aiding institutions in meeting their Net Zero targets.

The inherent sustainability of yellow peas, which require minimal water and replenish soil nitrogen, complements the ecological benefits of Novo Farina’s offerings. With a shelf-life of 24 months and no refrigeration needed, these ingredients also offer logistical advantages, making them an ideal choice for large-scale food services.

As institutions continue to navigate financial constraints and dietary shifts towards more sustainable practices, Novo Farina's pea protein ingredients present a prime opportunity to lead the charge in the plant-based revolution, proving quality, sustainability, and affordability can indeed go hand-in-hand.

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