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LeaderBrand Unveils Mega "Food Secure" Greenhouse on NZ's East Coast

LeaderBrand, one of New Zealand's premier food producers, has proudly unveiled its innovative 11-hectare mega greenhouse in Tairāwhiti on the North Island's East Coast. The ambitious project, aimed at fostering year-round crop growth and bolstering regional development, was inaugurated by Regional Development Minister, Shane Jones (pictured centre below with Gordon McPhail, General Manager of Farm and Murray McPhail Founder and Director LeaderBrand )

LeaderBrand Execs with Minister Wayne Brown

Funded in part by a Provincial Growth Fund loan from Kānoa, the Regional Economic Development and Investment Unit, this venture is a clear illustartion New Zealand is committed to advancing agricultural innovation and sustainability. The state-of-the-art facility is designed to mitigate weather impacts, substantially decrease the use of fertilisers and water, and protect soil structure. It will also support employment in the region and bolster the $62.5 million horticulture and fruit industry of Tairāwhiti area.

Robert Pigou, Head of Kānoa, praised this initiative. “LeaderBrand’s covered houses are an excellent example of what investing in the regions can accomplish.We can already see the benefits that this project is having not only on the wider community, but also New Zealand’s food security, especially during extreme weather events", says Robert Pigou.

Richard Burke, LeaderBrand’s Chief Executive, echoed the sentiment, saying the critical support of Kānoa lead to the fruition of the building project. “This project has not only allowed us to invest in our business and the region's future, but it has also ensured that we can guarantee the supply of leafy greens year-round,” says Richard Burke. He also highlighted the project's role in enhancing LeaderBrand's product range, including the introduction of wild rocket.

Source: LeaderBrand slides show enormity of the glasshouse installation.

The facility's controlled environment facilitates the cultivation of delicate salad leaves, ensuring consistent supply throughout the year, a significant achievement for LeaderBrand and a boon for New Zealand's agricultural sector. With the successful completion and now operation of this mega greenhouse, LeaderBrand sets a new benchmark in sustainable farming practices, promising a greener and more resilient future for New Zealand's food industry.

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