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Kiwi Students 'Nailed It' with New Plant-Based Protein Powder

Three New Zealand university students have launched a plant-based protein powder promising to revolutionise the market with its superior taste and texture. The brand called 'Nailed It Nutrition', uses fava or broad beans, a smooth and creamy alternative to the typically chalky plant proteins powders.

The journey began in the gym, where students Tom McGuinness, Jack Carrick, and Tom Ogg, discussed their frustrations with existing protein powders. Their struggles with dairy based whey protein including acne, stomach issues, and an unpleasant texture, led them to seek a plant-based solution not sacrificing on flavour or functionality.

: Nailed It Nutrition - Entrepreneurs Jack Carrick, Tom Ogg and Tom McGuinness

Source: Nailed It Nutrition - Entrepreneurs Jack Carrick, Tom Ogg and Tom McGuinness

Inspired by the gap in the market, the trio embarked on an extensive research and development phase during their Uni study. They collaborated with food technologists to perfect a formula combining nutritional benefits of fava beans with the popular flavours of vanilla and cinnamon and chocolate.

The result is a protein powder not only easy on the stomach but also packing a punch in terms of taste. "We wanted to create a product you look forward to consuming, not something you have to endure," says Tom McGuinness from the trio's website. This commitment to quality has resonated with customers, leading to a sell-out of their first production run.

Source: Nailed It Nutrition

Their efforts were supported by the University of Canterbury’s Summer Startup Programme, which provided them with resources and mentorship needed to turn their idea into a viable business. "The programme was a game-changer for us," says Tom Ogg in a Press interview. "It allowed us to focus intensively on our product and business model."

Today, Nailed It Nutrition is looking to expand its reach, with plans to introduce more health and wellbeing products. Their success is a testament to the power of creative thought when faced with a problem needing a solution as well as determination in the face of established brands. With their unique approach and commitment to quality, the future looks promising for the entrepreneurial 'three nutritional amigos'. Good luck guys !!!

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