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Pre-Mixed Plant-Based Propels Aussie Startup Earthbound

Earth Bound, a new player in the Australian plant-based food industry has boldly moved away from the analog products sector instead targeting the pre-mixed market.

Earth Bound is offering vegan pre-mixed meal options, requiring only water and oil to prepare, making them versatile alternatives to meat in various dishes.

Source: Earth Bound

Currently Earth Bound's lineup is a range of classics all in pre-mix form:

Bolognaise Mix - Bolognese might be a meat-based sauce but Earth Bound achieves the familiar taste and texture of quality spaghetti sauce without real meat.

Mexican Vegan Mince Mix - Capturing the Mexican spice blend and smokiness of taco mince, full of fibre and protein with meat-free taco flavours.

San Choy Bao Mix - The Earth Bound meat-free san choy bao mix is packed with the traditional spices and flavours, and ideal in lettuce wraps.

Italian Meatball Mix - For meatballs with no meat but still packed with protein and ideal in a sub sandwich or paired with the Bolognese mix for a full spaghetti experience.

Grilled Burger Patty Mix - Full of the smoky goodness of fresh patties with an all- beef taste and texture but with the beef.

The company also has a scrambled egg pre-mix along with a chicken nugget combination.

Source: Earth Bound

Earth Bound says it prioritises taste, nutrition, and convenience over everything else ensuring their meals cover every daily meal option - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking.

Following extensive research and development, Earth Bound has crafted authentic flavours and textures using real Australian plant-based ingredients.

Jignesh Shah, the Managing Director at Oppenheimer Group, the company behind the Earthbound brand says no compromises have been made.

'Throughout our journey, we dedicated ourselves to achieving the perfect balance of taste while replicating textures and essences. Using real Australian plant-based ingredients, we've ensured our products align with our vision for healthy nutrition and lifestyle', says Jignesh Shah.

Earth Bound products have stuck to their clean eating principles, being free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives, and offering a 12-month shelf life for each item.

Earth Bound made an appearance at the recent Fine Foods NZ Expo as they introduced New Zealanders to their range of plant-based vegan Kosher and Hal Al pre-mixed range.


'These meals are designed to deliver exceptional results in nutrition, energy, and detoxification, supporting Australians and Kiwis alike to feel at their best', says Jignesh Shah.

Earth Bound products are available via their website, Woolworths Online, and TK Maxx stores across Australia, and more on the way.

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