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A Northland, NZ Startup Is Upcycling Avocados Destined To Waste Into Sustainable Powder

In the sub tropical environs of Northland, New Zealand, the pioneering startup, Ovāvo, is transforming the way we perceive food waste by upcycling avocados.

With its innovative freeze-dried avocado powder, Ovāvo is addressing sustainability and upcycling, turning avocados too small or blemished for retail sale into a versatile and shelf-stable product.

Avocados in bins

Source: AvoExpress

This groundbreaking powder is created using latest vacuum technology and sub-zero temperatures.

Ovāvo's process involves dehydrating avocado flesh and converting ice crystals within the frozen fruit into vapor, which is then extracted. The end product is a nutrient-rich powder maintaining natural structure, color, flavour, and essential nutrients of avocados.

Source: Ovavo

Impressively, the powder can be stored at room temperature for over 18 months, unopened, marking a significant advancement in food preservation.

This sustainability initiative doesn't stop at food preservation. The company is exploring various applications for its avocado powder, including its use in ice creams, chocolate truffles, muesli bars, tortillas, chocolate-flavored breakfast drinks, and hummus.

Source: Ovavo

Ovāvo claims their product can serve as a butter substitute in baked goods, offering a healthier alternative rich in dietary fiber, potassium, and vitamins B and E.

The global market for such innovative products is rapidly growing. According to a recent study by Fact.MR, the freeze-dried powder market, valued at $27.7 billion in 2023, is anticipated to expand at a 7.2% compound annual growth rate through 2033.

Growth is driven by the powder's ability to preserve vital nutrients and extend shelf life in various food and beverage products.

Ovāvo's avocado powder is a testament to the potential of sustainable practices in the New Zealand food industry.

With increasing interest from international ingredients suppliers and major food producers, Ovāvo is well positioned to make a significant impact on both the local and global food markets, demonstrating the power of turning waste into worth.

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