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Singapore’s Agrocorp Unveils HerbY-Cheese All Plant-Based & Non-Dairy

Singapore based, Agrocorp International, an agri-commodity company with expertise in processing and distributing staple food products across the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern regions, is behind the launch of HerbY-Cheese.

HerbY-Cheese is a range of plant-based, nut-free high protein cheeses now being sold in the island state under the HerbYvore consumer brand.

HerbYvore Plant-Based Cheese

Source: HerbY-Cheese

The release signals Singapore's expansion into innovative plant-based cheese and alternative protein technology, a significant shift from its traditional role as an importer of dairy products from countries like New Zealand.

In a successful collaboration, Agrocorp is in a strategic research partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), to expand research and commercialisation of sustainable plant protein extraction.

Empowered by this private-public research synergy, Agrocorp's dedicated food scientists have harnessed the resources of SIT's state-of-the-art food labs and the FoodPlant, a pioneering pilot production facility established in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore and JTC.

This holistic innovation ecosystem facilitated the successful inception and commercialisation of HerbY-Cheese, featuring the dairy-free renditions of cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses.

Source: HerbY-Cheese

An exceptional characteristic of HerbY-Cheese is its foundation in pea protein, differentiating it from the prevalent soy-based alternatives. This approach extends the appeal of plant-based cheeses to individuals with soy allergies, thereby enhancing protein accessibility for a wider demographic.

Remarkably, HerbY-Cheese is uniquely enriched with protein content, a notable departure from some conventional vegan plant-based cheeses.

Charlotte Mei, a Singaporean nutritionist and sustainability advocate, emphasises the importance of a diversified diet and the role HerbY-Cheese plays in this narrative. She underscores the protein-rich nature of the HerbY-Cheese offering and its positive impact on holistic consumer well-being.

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