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How Plant-Based Meat Companies Are Winning Over Everybody with Delicious Recipes

As the global food revolution gathers momentum, plant-based meat companies are not just competing on taste and texture, they're enticing consumers with an array of innovative recipes showing the versatility of their products.

From Australian Fascin8Foods and their FROOM brand and Fable Food Co, to Israeli-based Redefine Meat US companies like Impossible Meats, Beyond Meat, Germany's Planted, and Juicy Marbles and the UK's [MOCK] ... they are all are redefining what it means to cook with plant-based 'meat'.

PFN Ai montage of plant-based products

Source: PFN Ai montage of plant-based food

The strategy is clear and effective and this is to demonstrate to potential customers, especially flexitarians, plant-based meats can be used in traditional and novel recipes alike. Fascin8Foods, for instance, has been proactive in sharing a variety of dishes made using their FROOM mushroom products, aiming to show transitioning to plant-based options doesn't mean sacrificing flavour or variety.

Similarly, Redefine Meats targets the gourmet market with recipes crafted by chefs, showcasing their bio-printed meats in any dish traditionally using animal meat. Beyond Meat and Impossible Meats, pioneers in the industry, continue to innovate not just in product development but also in culinary applications, offering everything from simple burgers to elaborate dinner party-worthy dishes.

German company Planted and Slovenia-based Juicy Marbles are also in the fray, creating plant-based meats focusing on not just the ethical and environmental benefits but also sheer eating pleasure. Planted's recipes often highlight European flavours, while Juicy Marbles focuses on achieving the perfect plant-based steak, proving even the most traditional 'new' meat dishes can be re-imagined.

Source: Various as mentioned in the story

Australian based FMCG marketing, branding and packaging specialist Founder of the Foodpreneurs Festival, Chelsea Ford says alot of the success for plant-based moving forward is 'occasion ownership'. " For example, a meat pie is best served hot with a beer at the football on a cold day, or a tuna sandwich is ideal for a healthy working lunch when at the office or on the run. Plant-based meat companies who position their products in this way would help potential customers 'consume less mental calories' when considering their purchase, and that's the key when trying to change behaviour," says Chelsea Ford.

The companies highlighted understand the key to wider adoption of plant-based proteins lies in familiarity and enjoyment. By providing a broad range of recipes, they help consumers visualise a fulfilling, creative, and delicious plant-based diet. With each recipe shared, these innovators are not just selling a product, they're promoting a lifestyle change both 'Earth Friendly and enjoyable.

As plant-based diets continue to grow in popularity, the focus on recipes helps bridge the gap between curiosity and lifestyle change, making the plant-based transition appealing and accessible to a broader audience.

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Jul 01
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Planet Food news for this insightful article. Fascin8foods is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, ensuring that transitioning to a plant-based diet can be delicious, versatile and meaningful.

We understand that consumers are seeking variety and enjoyment in their meals, and our product range is crafted to meet these desires. By supporting our range of meatfree mince, balls and burgers made from mushrooms, with a broad array of recipes, our aim is to help make the transition to a more plant-based diet appealing and accessible to everyone. 

In this way we can help make the world a better place one ‘mouthful at a time”. 💚 



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