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FROOM's 'Earth-Friendly' Pepper Pie With Jackfruit-A Downunder Belly Warmer

Winter in the Southern climes is the perfect time to indulge in warm, hearty dishes, and FROOM’s Pepper Pie with Jackfruit is a savoury treat combining both nutrition and sustainability. Created in the FROOM test kitchen by the innovative team from Australia's Fascin8Foods, this pie is not just the most delicious thing we've tasted, but also a testament to the 'Earth Friendliness' of plant-based diets.

FROOM Mushroom Mince and Jackfruit: "A literal culinary symphony" - Jennifer Joseph CEO, the creative mind behind this delicious recipe, describes the pie as being as harmonious as "love and marriage". Featuring FROOM's signature mushroom mince and tender jackfruit, this pie is a flavour-packed creation offering a crunchy pepper kick balanced with the freshness of thyme.

FROOM Pepper Pie With Jackfruit

Source: FROOM

Mushrooms and Jackfruit , the star ingredients, are not only known for their excellent nutritional value but also for their minimal environmental footprint. They require less water and space to grow compared to traditional livestock, making them both an 'Earth Friendly' alternative protein source.

Recipe Highlights

  • Ingredients: The pie uses 300g of FROOM mushroom mince, 280g of green jackfruit, and a host of other flavourful components like black pepper, red onion, and plant-based stock.

  • Preparation: Simple and straightforward, the preparation involves sautéing, simmering, and baking — perfect for a comforting meal on a chilly day.

  • Serving Suggestion: Served with a chunky tomato salsa, each bite of this pie is not just delicious but also heartwarming.

Pepper Pie With Jackfruit ingredients graphic

Source: FROOM'S Master Class Graphic

In alignment with FROOM's mission to make the planet a better place, this Pepper Pie recipe is at the core of the company’s commitment to sustainable food solutions. By opting for plant-based ingredients, FROOM contributes to reducing carbon footprints and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

As Jenny Joseph says, “What’s not to love about this wholesome Pepper Pie? Each bite is a celebration of plant-based deliciousness. It's heartwarming and healthy for you too."

This recipe is not just food; it's part of a movement towards sustainable, health-conscious, Earth Friendly eating supporting both our bodies and our planet. Dive into the richness of FROOM's Pepper Pie and experience how deliciously simple sustainable eating can be.

Download the entire recipe by CLICKING HERE

For more information about FROOM by Fascin8Foods CLICK HERE



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