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GoodBugs Expands Its Range, Highlighting Health in Every Mouthful

In the picturesque setting of Hamilton, New Zealand, the humble GoodBugs is capturing the essence of health-conscious eating in every jar of its fermented products. With a mission driven by consumer health and flavour enjoyment, GoodBugs is establishing itself as a leader in the Kiwi fermented food market. Its now catering to a growing demand across New Zealand through its online store, markets in key regions like Auckland, Waikato, and Bay of Plenty, and various specialty stores and cafes.

"Our focus is on the health benefits of the GoodBugs range. While our Zuurkool has always been popular, our new Chunky Kimchi is really taking off," says Marea Verry, co-founder of GoodBugs with husband Daniel.

GoodBugs Co-Founder Marea Verry

Source: Good Bugs Co-Founder Marea Verry with the purple and white Zuurkool

This enthusiasm reflects a larger trend where health awareness is increasingly prioritised in every mouthful of food. According to Marea Verry, about half of their customers purchase products primarily for their health benefits, while the other half are drawn by the flavours, and "unwittingly deriving really great health benefits."

GoodBugs' offerings like the traditional Zuurkool, made from white cabbage and salt, and the innovative Purple Zuurkool, a red cabbage sauerkraut noted for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, have a great following. The newest addition, Chunky Kimchi, with its robust flavour and healthful properties, is quickly becoming a customer favourite as well", says Marea Verry.

The rise in popularity of fermented vegetable products across the Asia Pacific region is indicative of a broader global shift towards foods that actually contribute to a healthy life. "Artisanal fermented foods are teeming with good live bacteria and yeasts that are helpful to the digestive system. They not only enhance the gut microbiome but also boost the immune system's capacity to fight disease-causing bacteria...people are waking up to this", says Marea Verry.

GoodBugs fermented products

GoodBugs Fermented products

Source: Good Bugs

From its inception at the Hamilton Farmers Market in 2017, GoodBugs now boasts more than 20 different options, including six award-winning creations.

The company remains committed to fostering a new food culture in New Zealand, one that embraces delicious, health-supporting fermented foods as a routine part of daily meals.

Through GoodBugs, Marea and her husband are changing the conversation around health and nutrition, providing New Zealanders with the opportunity to invest in their wellbeing with every delicious, probiotic-rich mouthful.

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