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GOOD Meat Launches Hybrid Chicken-3 to Singapore's Home Cooks

Is this what the consumer has been waiting for ? Singaporean home cooks can now use cultivated meat in their menus.

Good Meat-3 Hubers Singapore

GOOD Meat's new hybrid chicken, known as Good Meat-3, a blend of 3% cultivated meat and 97% plant-based ingredients, is now available in the frozen section of Singapores, Huber’s Butchery. This marks the first time cultivated meat has been offered as a frozen retail product to consumers, making it accessible beyond the confines of professional kitchens and high-end restaurants.

Huber's Butchery Good Meat- freezer selection

Source: Hubers Butchery

The journey of cultivated meat began in Singapore three and a half years ago, with the nation becoming the first to approve its commercial sale. Since then, the industry has made significant strides globally, with the US recently approving two cultivated products and countries like Australia, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand preparing for future approvals. In Singapore, Vow introduced the first non-chicken cultivated product last month with its quail meat, expanding the horizons of this innovative food sector.

Previously, cultivated meat was exclusively prepared by chefs, available only in select settings such as Michelin-starred restaurants. Even when available through delivery apps, orders came from high-end kitchens.

Huber's Butchery Good Meat-3 Cultivated Chicken

Source: Huber's Butchery Good Meat-3 Cultivated Chicken

GOOD Meat’s new product changes this dynamic, offering home cooks the opportunity to cook cultivated meat at home for the first time. Priced at $7.20 SGD (USD$5.36) for a 120-gram package, this hybrid chicken aims to be more affordable and accessible. By significantly reducing the proportion of cultivated meat in their product, GOOD Meat has managed to lower production costs, hoping to reach a wider audience. The company's previous formulation was about 70% cultivated, making it more expensive and limited in availability.

Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just, the parent company of GOOD Meat says this is an historic day for the cultivated meat industry, and for Singaporeans who want to try GOOD Meat 3. “Before today, cultivated meat had never been available in retail stores for regular people to buy, and now it is. This year, we will sell more servings of cultivated chicken than have been sold in any year prior. At the same time, we know there is much more work to be done to prove that cultivated meat can be made at large scale, and we remain focused on that objective," says Josh Tetrick.

Good Meat-3 Stir Fry

Source: Good Meat-3 Stir Fry

This launch is not just about affordability; it also serves as a vital step in the path to scaling up cultivated meat production. By introducing hybrid products, companies can balance cost and consumer demand while refining their offerings based on real-world feedback. Singapore’s diverse culinary landscape makes it the perfect testing ground, allowing consumers to experiment with the new chicken in various dishes, from pho and curry to pot pie and tikka masala.

The world will be watching closely to see how home cooks and food enthusiasts embrace this novel product, potentially shaping the future of the food industry.

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