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How Heston's Protoge & Kiwi Seaweed Are Revolutionising Your Next Meal

Nestled just off the main highway in Paeroa, New Zealand, an old meat factory - ironically - has become the Heston Blumenthal inspired epicenter of what might just be the Kiwi food revolution of the decade.

AgriSea New Zealand, traditionally known for its agricultural seaweed products is now finding ways to "proteinise seaweed." The initiative promises not just a new range of delicious and sustainable food options but also represents a significant leap toward environmental conservation and sustainable eating habits.

Tane Bradley, Agrisea's Chief Innovation Officer says at the heart of this innovation is the company's dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. AgriSea brews much of its products from Ecklonia radiata but it's a native seaweed species harvested sustainably from New Zealand's pristine coasts called Undaria pinnatifida which offers protein potential. "Our journey from a small dream to a leading business shows with passion and innovation, we can not only support our agricultural sector but also lead the way in making eco-friendly food choices available to everyone"?," says Tane Bradley,

Agrisea Seaweed Undaria pinnatifida

Source: Galina Khoroshman - Undaria pinnatifida seaweed

Agrisea's Tane and Clare Bradley

Tane Bradley (pictured left with Clare Bradley CEO) , a visionary who's been with AgriSea from its inception, is excited about seaweed's potential to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional food sources. "Imagine replacing your regular meatballs or chocolate bar with something that's not just tasty but also kind to our planet. That's the future we're working towards," Tane Bradley foresees.

Leading Agriseas culinary innovation is Dale Bowie of Wellington based, The Development Kitchen, who, along with Chef, Shepherd Elliott, is experimenting with 35 seaweed-based food products. From a unique seaweed kombucha to a sparkling alcohol-based seaweed sorbet, Bowie's projects are as diverse as they are innovative.

TDK Chefs, Shepard Elliot &. Dale Bowie right

Picture right : Source:TDK Left Wellington Chef, Shepherd Elliot &. Dale Bowie right

Drawing from his extensive background with culinary legends like Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay, Dale Bowie approaches food with a scientist's curiosity and a chef's creativity. "Based on my work with Heston, the more complicated and the more crazy the idea is, the more excited I am. We question everything which makes up ingredients even down to understanding its molecular structure," says Dale Bowie. This ethos has led to creations like seaweed 'meat balls', a seaweed chocolate bar, seaweed caviar and seaweed kombucha, not just novel but also sustainable and nutritious.

Source: TDK -Slide - Seaweed Meatballs-Seaweed Chocolate-Seaweed Kombucha

Agrisea's project also tackles the issue of invasive seaweed species like the Undaria pinnatifida, turning a challenge into an opportunity as it explores the depths of its culinary potential. This potentially will help manage the seaweed population but also adds a unique New Zealand twist to global cuisine.

As New Zealand finds a position in the sustainable food movement, the collaboration between AgriSea, The Development Kitchen, and their partners highlights a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and deliciousness. "The potential for the development of diversified NZ seaweed-based consumer products is huge," Dales Bowie says siting the vast possibilities that lie ahead.

In a world where environmental concerns are ever-increasing and the quest for sustainable food sources is more urgent than ever, AgriSea's initiative represents an exciting consumer proposition. As we look toward the future, the "proteinisation of seaweed" not only promises to enrich our diets but will ensure a healthier planet for new generations.

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