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France’s HappyVore’s Croq’Coulis Ends the Meat vs. Vegetable War with Innovation Délicieuse

The end of the meat vs. vegetable is at an end in France according to plant-based food company HappyVore. CEO and Co-Founder Guillaume Dubois, who has just revealed the company's latest innovation : the Croq'Coulis.

Happyvore - Croq'Coulis.

Source: Happyvore - Croq'Coulis.

"We wanted to move beyond the confrontation with meat by returning to the roots of why we launched HappyVore; helping the French transition to a more plant-based diet while having fun," said Guillaume Dubois. "The result? A 100% new product, a unique multisensory experience thanks to a delicious flowing heart wrapped in ultra-melting vegetables, all dotted with finely crunchy poppy seeds."

Drawing inspiration from favorites like chocolate fondant, Mystery ice cream, and Mochi, the Croq'Coulis offers a new and exciting way to enjoy plant-based food. "This product is a summary of what HappyVore can do best. Of course, it is voted flavours of the year 2024, rich in protein and Nutriscore A," Guillaume Dubois says.

Happyvore - Croq'Coulis.

Source: Happyvore - Croq'Coulis.

HappyVore's innovation doesn't stop at delicious food. The company is part of the 2024 promotion of French Tech 120, an accolade highlighting their potential as a future French technology leader on a global scale. This recognition comes as HappyVore continues to make strides in the ecological transition, providing accessible solutions for a positive environmental impact.

With the opening of their factory in the Loiret, 130 kilometres south of Paris, HappyVore is not only contributing to the reindustrialization of France but also creating jobs and working with local suppliers. This holistic approach is what earned them a spot in the French Tech 120.

Available in major French retailers the Croq'Coulis is set to be the 'war winner'. HappyVore’s mission to blend innovation, sustainability, and delicious eating experiences is paving the way for a greener French future.

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