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Dutch Innovation Lights the Way for Year-Round Algae Farming!

In the vibrant heart of the Netherlands, a gem of an idea is brightening the world of farming. Lgem, an innovative Dutch algae grower, has harnessed the power of artificial light to cultivate protein-packed algae year-round.

Forget dependency on sunlight; a glass tube systems generates the green alagal goodness regardless of the weather outside.

Lgem Algae growing tubes

Source: Lgem

Eugène Roebroeck, the visionary behind Lgem, is very proud of the veritable algae wonderland. With a keen eye on sustainability, Lgem shifted from traditional greenhouses to high-tech indoor setups.

Envision glass tubes, each with algae flowing in a 'marble slide' dance, soaking up precisely controlled light and nutrients.

Lgem algae tubes

Source: Lgem

Partnering with another Dutch company, Synalgae, Lgem has grand plans. It's scaling up systems, making protein-rich algae accessible on a larger scale. What's more, their journey has seen remarkable growth, from a small team to a thriving 20-strong crew, thanks in part to recent investments.

What is more wonderful is the product of Lgem's algae process systems has already been tested in a highly nutritious burger with what's reported as 'very tasty ' outcome.

The algae burger from Lgem

Source: Lgem

The Netherlands, often famed for its picturesque windmills and tulips, is an unexpected hotspot for this algae revolution.

It's a testament to human ingenuity and a peek into the future of farming.

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