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Climax Foods Earns PETA’s ‘Great Food Award’ After Good Food Awards SNAFU

In the continuing saga, Climax Foods, initially disqualified from the California based "Good Food Awards" last week due to a late rule change allegedly influenced by the dairy industry, has now been honoured with PETA’s ‘Great Food Award.’ This accolade celebrates the company's innovative strides in crafting delicious, cruelty-free cheese.

PETA's Great Food Award graphic

Source: PETA

Climax Foods was on the verge of a major breakthrough at the 14th annual Good Food Awards, dominating the blind tasting session and receiving high praise for its sustainable practices. Their vegan blue cheese, noted for its soft texture and rich flavour, was set to win before an abrupt disqualification just a week prior to the ceremony. The disqualification stemmed from a controversial ingredient concern, which CEO Oliver Zahn attributed to dairy industry pressure leading to a sudden rule change.

However, the setback turned into a significant public relations victory. PETA has stepped in to honour Climax Foods with its ‘Great Food Award,’ citing the company's positive impact on animal welfare and environmental sustainability. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk praised Climax Blue's appeal to cheese-lovers, emphasising its role in challenging traditional dairy norms and promoting a vegan lifestyle.

US Late Night Host, Stephen Colbert’s humorous take on the Climax Blue on his show further amplified public interest. Colbert, known for his satirical style, joked about the cheese's authenticity, comparing its flavour to that of 'a foot', a comment that, despite its humour, affirmed the cheese's genuine taste. His segment, combined with the drama at the Good Food Awards, resulted in a significant spike in Google searches and social media discussions related to vegan cheese​

Stephen Colbert Late Night still image

Source: Stephen Colbert's piece on the CLIMAX Blue Cheese controversy CLICK on the image to view.

This endorsement from PETA not only 'rehabilitates' Climax Foods' image but also propels the vegan cheese maker into a spotlight potentially shifting consumer preferences and influence broader industry standards. The incident vividly illustrates how setbacks can be leveraged as opportunities for greater visibility and impact in the competitive food industry.

For more information about CLIMAX Blue Cheese CLICK HERE



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May 09
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

That cheese looks delicious 😁


May 09
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is great!



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