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BettaF!sh's New Seaweed-Based SAL-NOM Mimics Smoked Salmon, Protects Oceans

This time it's 'seaweed salmon' as German based, BettaF!sh, launches SAL-NOM, a revolutionary product replicating the rich, smokey flavour of hot-smoked salmon using European seaweed. This new delicacy follows the success of their TU-NAH product, which came to market in October 2021.

BettaF!sh Sal-Nom

Source: BettaF!sh Sal-Nom

Crafted in Berlin by a passionate team of seaweed enthusiasts, food technologists, and trained chefs, SAL-NOM is not just a culinary art form but really the peak of environmental stewardship. By utilising organic seaweed combined with fava bean and pea proteins, the product achieves a seafood-like taste and texture without resorting to soy and wheat, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers.

SAL-NOM is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and fibre, offering a balanced nutritional profile catering to those looking to maintain a healthy diet while reducing their ecological footprint. "SAL-NOM is not just a product; it showcases our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and taste,” says Deniz Ficicioglu, CEO of BettaF!sh. "By leveraging the natural benefits of seaweed, we provide a delicious fish alternative that significantly contributes to ocean protection and personal health."

BettaF!sh  Sal-Nom in a bagel

Source: BettaF!sh Sal-Nom in a bagel

Seaweed farming presents a minimal environmental impact as it requires no soil, fresh water, fertilisers, or pesticides, and it actively contributes to ecological balance by purifying surrounding waters.

"We refined SAL-NOM until it perfectly matched the taste and nutritional expectations of our consumers. The feedback from our initial taste testers has been overwhelmingly positive," says Leonie Wagner, a food technologist at BettaF!sh

With SAL-NOM, BettaF!sh not only offers a sustainable alternative to one of the world’s most beloved fish but also aligns with growing consumer trends favouring eco-friendly and health-focused food choices.

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