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Aussie Stacked Farm Aims to Cultivate Green Future in Every Capital City

Stacked Farm, a pioneer in indoor farming, is setting ambitious plans in pace to transform Australia's urban agricultural landscape.

Having already established a state-the-art 5,400 square-meter facility in Arundel, Queensland, the company is gearing up to replicate their success in every capital city across the country.

Stacked Farm, Queensland, Australia

Source: Stacked Farm

Their innovative facility in Arundel boasts a fully automated operating farm, a research and development lab, a manufacturing division, and a head office.

However, Stacked Farm envisions larger-scale operations in the pipeline for each capital city. This strategic expansion will enable the company to efficiently cater to national contracts with retailers and food services.

Stacked Farm, Queensland, Australia

Source: Stacked Farm

Construction for a massive 7,200 square-meter facility in Melbourne is set to commence later this year.

Chief Architect Daniel Tzvetkoff emphasises the uniformity in technology across all facilities, thanks to their modular design that facilitates swift deployment and expansion.

'The core philosophy hinges on leveraging end-to-end automation within controlled environment agriculture (CEA) for higher yields and commercial viability', says Daniel Tzvetkoff.

The essence of indoor vertical farming lies in the ability to cultivate, harvest, and distribute produce from urban settings, significantly reducing emissions compared to traditional supply chains.

Stacked Farm, Queensland, Australia

Source: Stacked Farm

This approach positions vertical farming as the most sustainable solution available today, highlighting Stacked Farm's commitment to localising the domestic food chain.

With their existing stronghold in Gold Coast, Queensland, and strategic plans for Melbourne in 2024, followed by Brisbane and Sydney in 2025, Stacked Farm is sowing the seeds of a greener and more sustainable future for Australian agriculture.

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