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Valentino's NEW Oat Milk-Based Gelato & Sorbet Garnering Sweet Attention

New Zealand based, Valentino's is making a cool splash in the local market with its latest range of whats believed to be a world first with an oat milk-based gelato & mango sorbet. As the world turns its gaze to plant-based food-styles, Valentino's is well positioned to capture the hearts and taste buds of the global GenZ demographic, hungry for sustainable and dairy-free products.

Valentinos Oat-Milk Sorbets & Gelato

Source: Valentinos

From its modest inception in 2004, Valentino's has maintained its values and artisan quality at the core of its operations. Its journey from a family holiday inspiration to a wholesale sensation in New Zealand's frozen dessert market has been as rich and rewarding as its flavours.

Their new lineup of oat milk sorbets is a testament to their commitment to innovation and the environment. Offering 11 different flavours, Valentino's ensures preferences of their customers are not just met but exceeded with delightful customisations. This commitment to customer satisfaction is deeply ingrained in their philosophy: "To create joy and delight in someone’s day."

Valentino's NEW Oat Milk-Based Gelato & Sorbets

Source: PFN

What sets Valentino's apart in the frosty fray is the exceptional quality of their ingredients, blending New Zealand's local produce with Italian flair. Their products boast a smooth texture and are low in fat, with their gluten-free gelatos and vegan-friendly sorbets that don't skimp on taste.

Their sorbets, made with fruit purees and natural sweeteners, offer a guilt-free alternative to traditional dairy ice cream. With no air whipped in, every scoop is dense with undiluted flavour, catering to the health-conscious without compromising on the indulgent experience.

As the global vegan sorbet and gelato market thrives, driven by a health-conscious population and ethical considerations, Valentino's stands out with its eco-friendly and animal-friendly offerings. While challenges such as achieving natural sweetness and limited nutritional value exist (maybe a protein based sorbet is in the wings), the company's focus on quality and customer health positions it well in an expanding market.

A depiction of an oat milk-based protein sorbet protein bowl

Source: PFN - a visual depiction of a protein-infused sorbet bowl appealing to the Gen Z demographic. It embodies the concepts of health, vitality, and sustainability.

With the GenZ demographic leading the charge towards plant-based diets for health and environmental reasons, Valentino's new range of oat milk products is not just on-trend but ahead of the curve, just preparing to scoop up success in the international market.

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