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v2food Expands Plant-Based Offerings by Ramping-Up Strategic Acquisitions

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After acquiring the Soulara and MACROS brands, known for their plant-based and fitness ready-made meals, Aussie v2food is now taking the brands into Australian supermarkets. The move expands v2food’s product range and improves its distribution network, enabling direct-to-consumer deliveries through e-commerce platforms, previously only available online.

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Soulara, known for its delicious and nutritious plant-based meals, complements v2food's mission to make plant-based eating more accessible and appealing. The integration is a major step in catering to the growing consumer demand for healthier, sustainable food choices. By incorporating Soulara's expertise in crafting chef-inspired, plant-based meals, v2food is about to change the way Australians include meat alternatives in their diets.

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Source: v2

v2food has broadened its market horizon by incorporating it second aquisition, MACROS, a health and fitness-focused ready-meals brand, into its portfolio. The inclusion of MACROS underlines v2food’s commitment to providing diverse dietary options catering to fitness enthusiasts looking for nutritious, plant-based meal solutions.

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Both Soulara and MACROS will operate under the newly formed entity, Flexitarian Meal Solutions (FMS). This umbrella promises a more versatile and comprehensive range of dietary options to consumers, reflecting v2food’s dedication to innovation and consumer health.

This development is expected to not only enhance v2food’s market presence but also significantly contribute to the sustainable food movement in Australia, making plant-based diets more enjoyable and easily accessible to a broader audience.

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